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Artist: (South Park Mexican f/) Rasheed
Album:  3rd Wish: To Rock The World
Song:   Reminisce
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This world for my taking
Rasheed, for the 1999
Here we go

(Verse 1)
This weed got my brain burnin'
Learnin' as the world turnin'
Concernin' the truth
I reminisce as a youth
Mommy fightin' daddy while I'm developin' in the stomach
While he punchin', I'm feelin' it comin', I feel that momma hummin'
Numbin' the brain
Cocaine flowin' through my veins
Born addicted, afflicted up in this pleasure and pain
I guess that's the reason for the natural chip up on my shoulder
My children keep me from growin' colder and livin' bolder
I bent the block and think about when I was on lock
Then got my glock and put it back up in the stash box
So many soldiers doin' life up in the prison system
A million eyes couldn't list 'em, so I reminisce them
I miss 'em
As I'm floatin' back to yesterday
I sure would kiss 'em
If I could see my G again today
But now I'm up in the studio
With my nigga Ro
Fat money G's, big T
We reminiscin', G

Chorus: Rasheed
Time and time again
As I pick up the pen
As my thoughts emerge
These are those words (We reminiscin')
Time and time again
As I pick up the pen
As my thoughts emerge
These are those words

(Verse 2)
I used to ride trains from Philly
To New York state
But now I'm on
Planes to Cali from Texas
With Lexus plates
Even so, though
I wish I could go back
Granny sittin' while I'm throwin' rocks
On the railroad tracks
Flashback "Rapper's Delight"
Marvin Gaye
During that time
My mother and father
Was out the way
And now that I think about it
We all been to jail, plus my teacher say, "You'd never doubt it"
At school
What a fool I was
Skippin' education for the fun to run from the fuzz
'85, '86
Crack cocaine was the crucifix
Lucifer's mix
Another level of the Devil's tricks
Fifteen, on the scene, gotta make my green
Break my weight by any means
Learnin' every street schemes
C.R.E.A.M., Cash Rules Everything Around Me
But I learned
Not to hound the money, but let the money hound me

{*Rasheed ad-libbing*}

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
Here I be
Ballin' G
In 21st century, destined for death eventually
Was the boy
Cuttin' class, breakin' the rules
But now, I'm the father, makin' sure
My children go to school
It's beautiful, but then again, it's funny, back in the day
Somebody told me life was just about bitches and money
Damn dummies
Misdirected so many
Used to watch Tom & Jerry
Now it's South Park and Mr. Kenny
Watch riots
Martin Luther King
L.A. Riots
Down to Rodney King
Vince is the momma in the pen
That was back then
But ten years later, I'm doin' the same thing again, my friend
Lookin' at my son, deep in his eyes
(???) headed is the lifestyle that my family lives
Deeply embedded
I have to wait
Watchin' this
I'm hopin' ten years down the line, my daughter or son'll reminisce
And miss us

Repeat Chorus Twice

We reminiscin'

{*Rasheed whispering Chorus til fade*}