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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Ike Man
Album:  3rd Wish: To Rock The World
Song:   Miss Perfect
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[South Park Mexican]
I love you, baby
It's on and poppin'

(Verse 1)
You take the breath from me
Make my life heavenly
I can't believe the way the good Lord is blessin' me
One in a million
Mother of my children
Me without you like car without engine
You listen to my dreams that I vision
Respect that I smoke Mary Jane
It's like my religion
The pigeons
Sometimes make you worry
But I can see, you know my vision ain't blurry
The innocence
Still strong like a feminist
I reminisce
On the first time we ever kissed
In the devilish world, you my only angel
Cancel concerts to stay with you and watch cable
Kiss your navel
Candlelights on the table
You never cared if I was financially stable
Twelve years
To me, it feels like twelve minutes
My love for you
Sees no limits

Chorus: South Park Mexican
Where would I be without you
I know I wouldn't be rappin' in the soundproof
I know I wouldn't be pushin' a Benz
I'd probably be gettin' transferred
To different pens
Or chillin' with my dead friends
Or still at the weed house, makin' fives and tens
Miss Perfect
God given
When I was lost
You made my life worth livin'

(Verse 2)
They say
Nothing on this earth is perfect
I don't believe it
You never cheated
Perfect record, undefeated
I needed a miracle to save my life
When I was hustlin' and grindin' late at night
I paid the price
And listened to you bitchin' me
You start bringing up the past, that's history
Never again will I jeopardize
That's a promise that I'll memorize, real love never dies
It's paradise
No matter where we at
The movies, the club
Six Flags or Super Track
I was a dropout, no education whatsoever
But you stuck with me through all kinds of fucked up weather
Hoping days'll get better like I said they would
They said, "Stand by your man"
And there, you stood
I was seventeen, now I'm twenty-nine
And I pray you'll be mine 'til the end of time

Repeat Chorus

[SPM] Yo Ike
[Ike] What's the deal, Los
[SPM] I know you feel me on this song, baby
[Ike] Man, fa sho, my nigga, I got some for this
[SPM] Go on, wreck it, homie

[Verse 3: Ike Man]
Man, I'm at that
Point in my life, I lost my kid and my wife
And I've been thinkin' with shife, when I'm been up at the night
So I be takin' a ride, and I be thinkin' inside
That I'd be wantin' to die, cause I be wonderin' why
But now, I know it's too late
And all I got is my fate
And I be thinkin' real deep, about my kids when they sleep
And where the hell I went wrong, and how to hell to stay strong
Cause now, my babies they gone, and all I got is this song
Try to make it all right
But not for them, but for Ike
And if I have one more night
That I can treasure the life
I know I do it all right
With just my kids and my wife
One night alone with no fights, with Kim, just huggin' me tight
Miss Perfect

Repeat Chorus