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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Marilyn Rylander
Album:  3rd Wish: To Rock The World
Song:   The 3rd Wish
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[South Park Mexican]
Yeah yeah

(Verse 1)
Deadly ceremony
In a sacred territory
It was all done, for the glory
You bitches ain't got nothin' for me
From the H-I-Double L, W
Double O-D
Live the life
Of the lonely
Movin' white ponies
Still puttin' in work for the dead homies
Show me a way out
Stayin' ready for anything under the sun
Under the moon
Under the stars
God, I'm lookin' for somewhere to run
Dumpin' my gun
As soon as I'm done
Leavin' 'em numb, with one in his lung
Livin' fast and dyin' young
Always business, never for fun

Chorus: Marilyn Rylander
Tell me what it is
Tell me what you want
For your third wish
This is your last wish
Tell me what it is
Tell me what you need
For your third wish
This is your last wish

(Verse 2)
Bustin' our teflon, at the red dawn
I ain't fuckin' with nothin' that stepped on
The purest
I'm the surest
Playin' a tourist, walkin' through Saigon
Been a hustler servin' up big bricks
And livin' my life to hit licks
Trip on a G, like me and see
Them beads of banana clips, trick
My stamina cannot be duplicated
Bite on the dust
You get faded
So many wannabe criminals up in the
Game of the drug related
Open up
Open up new Dope Houses
Turning you men into mouses
Saggin' my burgundy trousers
Just letting you know how the south is

Repeat Chorus

{*phone rings*}
[SPM]   Dope House Records
[Grimm] Say man, Los
        Man, it ain't go right, man, I'm a tell you man, Lil' Drug's dead, man
[SPM]   What?
[Grimm] Yeah, he's dead man (Yeah, he's dead, yeah, he's dead, he's dead, dead, dead)
        And I got big John with me, man
        He got hit bad on the side
        It don't look good, bro, it don't look good, he's bleeding bad
        We can't go to the hospital, man, nah, we ain't goin' to the hospital, man
[SPM]   Yo
[Grimm] We gotta go straight to the Dope House
        Call Doc
        Tell him we need him
[SPM]   Alright, my nigga, are you sure about Lil' Drugs?
[Grimm] I'm sure, man
        He's gone, baby, he's gone
        We gotta get these motherfuckers
[SPM]   Alright, hurry up
        This is it
        I've wished for money
        And I've wished for fame
        But what good is it
        If I'm still stuck in this game
        For my third wish
        I just wish for all this shit to stop
        Just please make it stop

[Marilyn Rylander]
Tell me what you want
For your third wish

[Verse 3: South Park Mexican]
I'm back once again for revenge
In an all black bulletproof Benz
How will I get 'em, it just depends
Hook his ass up with all his dead friends
Here ye, here ye
Why so many haters fear me
Dearly departed
Y'all started some shit
And struck, but couldn't come near me
We're the odyssey
Young prodigy
Runnin' the top notch properties
Where snitches get shot in they arteries
But gettin' nobody's apologies, follow me
How do we master the first jack
Since the day I was born, I was cursed black
H-Town's where I'm doin' my dirt at
Robbin' you hoes on horseback, all that

Repeat Chorus