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Artist: Soulja Boy
Album:  Smooky
Song:   Smooky
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Who they want?
Who they want?
Who they want?
Who they want?

Them keys and the ?? yeah we got them guys.

Who that was?
(Smooky [2x])
poppin 30 bottles in that fucking club,
Upgraded 20 inches plus the dubs
40 inches together and my top scrub...
Who they want?
Who they want?
Who the nigga with everything you want?
Drop top phantom yeah that's what I own.
Oh My God
I done put my city on
Who the King?
Who the nigga that gone let his jewelry bling?
Ball out, all black, everything,
Baby mama tatted up with that G- string

Who they want?
Who ballin' hard?
Who got all that money plus that black card?...
Swimming pool and the backyard.
And pull that choppa if a nigga act hard
Oh My God


Oh my god it's smoking good!
Just dropped 50,000 dollars in the hood.
a hundred racks
in L.A., on a lake
that's where I stay...

Who I be, who I be?
Who it is?
(Smooky, Smooky!)
fall off in the club man I'm out here in the ville
(Smooky, Smooky!)
Wear a phone,
Riding on chrome straight down the sipp
(Lets Goooooo)
I done took off like a jet off on the runway
And if you disrespect SOD boys it gone be gun play
I'm riding down the runway on a Sunday
and I'm stunting
And I'm getting to the money
bitch you looking at me funny? No way!
Young Soulja man I'm going ball freely
5 to 50 bruh I make this shit look easy
Everywhere I go man you already know bitch I'm ballin out the mall
I'm shutting down the fucking store

[Chorus 2x]