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Artist: Soulja Boy f/ Tonio
Album:  Juice (Mixtape)
Song:   Kickstand
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Soulja Got The Juice . S.o.d

Kickstand [3x] all my niggas in the club on the dat Kickstand [x5 Repeat]

pop 1 pop 2 I'm outta here I'm outta here
s.o.d crew we outta here we outta here
money out the roof the mazerati coupe
got me flexing down the highway
everybody know I got the phantom in the drive way ..
double cue 30 ice ain't nun
but that muthah fuhkin sprite in my duble cup
everywere I go I'm throwing money up
juice mix tape got streets on fire
ima keep sending shots till dez old niggas reitre. lil dre .

Kickstand [x3] all my niggas in the club on the dat Kickstand [x4 Repeat]

Yea you already no Tony on that kickstand
trnna find out how much sweet a nigga wil stand
bitch you no I got that money sorta like uncle sam
might as well get high pop a couple rozan
say you wuna smoke I have tht kush rolled in rite instant
and you already you no das a old fragrent
yellow dimonds have all the bitches staring
yeh I'm so first they think the nigga is arrogant
dez flashy flashy waves man tht shit is apparent..

Kickstand [x3] all my niggas in the club on the dat Kickstand [x4 Repeat]

U niggas thot it wus over but I'm not finished
fall in the club bitch fuhkin up a ticket
BLOWING ON THAT LOUD PAT we don't smoke no midgets
drop top mazarati and yo bitch is in it nd the window tinted
and I'm sippin kickstand never gave a fuhk
cus I'm throwin bigband me and tony yo thas that simp set
connect got that YGRN so you better show respect
man you no I'm in yo town fuhkin up a check
I throw the bands in this bitch and ima cut thet check
and when it time for the beef ima grip thet tec
nigga no I'm showin off you no I'm gon splash
got the juice in the booth widd ma nigga con.. cash
kale ko jones money gang fam I cant forget
ma nigga killah kam we stil trhowin bands
the lamb between the man
I been posted up so heavey on thet fuhkin kickstand
dre be ma name but you can call me lil soulja been throw dez racks
boy I thot tht I told ya back in panolla ride in tht drop
had the lambo doors up mane dez shit do not stop...

Kickstand KickStand Kickstand.......