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Artist: Soulja Boy
Album:  The DeAndre Way
Song:   Speakers Going Hammer
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: Soulja Boy]
I wake up early in the mornin, 'round the crack of dawn and
wave to my neighbors like whassup? (Say wassup)
And I'm, tatted up, that bang in my trunk
Everybody in my city show me love, because I got
my speakers going hammer, bammer bammer bammer
Speakers going hammer, speakers going hammer?
Speakers going hammer, bammer bammer bammer
Speakers going hammer, speakers going hammer?

[Soulja Boy]
My speakers outer space, like E.T.
Cops watch me all day like TV
S.O.D. hit the club, we be so deep
Mind on deep, bend the game like a O.G.
I got twelve diamond chains, like a O-Z
Follow me, like THE Wizard of O-Z
Girls love my style cause it is so mean
Ask about me in the streets I spit so heat
Aint nobody in the game messin with my clique
Style swift, hot like it's July 10th
Fly chick in my whip with nice tits
Her boyfriend paid for it - I didn't!
Ice game, cold as a polar bear
Sun hit my chain, watch it make a solar flare
We gettin money over here, hands in the air
Y'all makin it too easy~! It's not fair


[Soulja Boy]
I 'member back in the day when I was broke
These days Soulja TellEm ridin hundred spokes
No joke mayne I'm ballin out the atmoshphere
Say you ball harder then me man get on outta here
I gotta my speakers goin hamm' in my Lamborghini
Two door Coupe, girl in bikini
Passenger seat and she five star she so swag
She's so +Fabolous+ they way she "Throw it in the Bag"
It's Young Soulja TellEm man, I swear I'm poppin tags
Back then, you could catch me in a Pontiac
These days drop top Phantom with a hundred stacks
Yeah they buy this album but they want they money back (Dre)
Girls wet like they livin in a fish tank
I'm gettin money man, what the fuck a bitch thank?
Young Soulja got my speakers going MC Hammer (yes)
Like Rick Ross bitch I think I'm MC Hammer