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Artist: Soulja Boy
Album:  The DeAndre Way
Song:   First Day of School
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First day of school

[Chorus: repeat 3X]
Hat gon' match my shoe (shoe) shirt gon' match my belt (belt)
Man I be so fly (fly) I cain't help myself - yeah!
I'm freshest in the class (class) freshest in the school
And I bet I dress, e'ryday like it first day of school, yeah

[Soulja Boy]
That boy there be clean, man that boy there be fresh
BUT that boy there be seen (whoa) with nothin but no dimes boy
That boy there he fresh (he fresh) that boy there smell like cocoa
That boy there he clean (clean) that boy yah there he turned up
That boy that boy clean, yeah, that boy that boy fresh, OHH~!
That boy that boy swaggin; they cain't help that boy
He got that pretty boy swag, he got them girls goin crazy
Gucci shirt, Polo drawers, aww man he crazy!
Man that boy that fresh (ohh) man that boy that clean, yeah
Man that boy he rocked them J's that you ain't never seen, OHH~!
Man that boy that fresh, yo, there that boy that clean, mean
Soulja Boy that boy now he got he fresh you've ever seen first day


[Soulja Boy]
(What they do Soulja?) Man they tried to jock my swag
Soulja Boy duplicatin, can not get that back (can not get that back)
Freshest in the class (freshest in the class)
Yeah I know they hatin (hatin)
Cleanest nigga in the school
Class of oh-eight, I swear
It's Soulja, Boy I told ya
Back then when I was inside Penola
Now these days drop top in my Rover
I hate to say it but God damn I took over
S Beezy