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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Jandro
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Talking Loud
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[Intro: Jandro]
Yeah (yeah)
Yo yo yo yo (yo yo yo yo)
Yo yo yo yo (yo yo yo yo)
Yee, ooh, aww, yeah
{"Pum-Pumba, are you NUTS?"}
Ay, ay, ay, look

[Chorus: Jandro]
I hear 'em talkin that loud, I hear 'em talkin loud (OK OK)
I got the 40 on Glock, I got the 40 around (I got the 40 on lock!)
I give 'em practice, see I let 'em patience but I let 'em bounce (I let 'em watch!)
I let 'em Hennessy, I let 'em talk but see I speak it loud
(W-w-w-wait) Wait now, 40 I'ma take down (rollin) uhh (rollin)
Rollin on the vape now (OK) wait, rollin to the Bay now (woo!)
I'm in a Porsche 8 pumpin, they poppin they switches, they figure like I'm late now
Look, fillin up my plate now, couple different rappers on my plate now (ooh)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh
Please be careful when I walk, yeah I walk with my team
Uhh, with these hoes, yeah I'm a god when I come to the scene
Uhh, kinda crazy, it amaze me, I live in a dream
Uhh, man I look bad babe, I roll an eagle, and tell 'em baby it's me
Huh, what up though? Made a couple thou' pop a upload
See you, hatin, what up though? Actin like I give a fuck though
Uh, and I don't, probably never will, heh
For real, heh, oh that's really how I feel, uh


[Snow Tha Product]
Uh, look, look
Y'all ain't get the memo yet, what we did again
They ain't ready yet, bitch I'm pullin up with a Jandro
Boat tried to send them in, but you know we goin in
These bitches wet cause we be +Rebelde+ like Alfonso
Pronto, I'ma need a bitch like Anahí
Couple for the homies and a couple para mi
Sí, bitch I go dumb like yee
But I need a smart-ass with a face like SHEESH!
When I walk up they like "Who that?" Uh
Bad lil' bitch with a crew that's rough
Wild ass blunts with the liquor in the cup (uh)
Hitters in the back (uh) bitches in the front (uh)
Middle where I'm at (uh) sittin in the club (uh)
40 on my back (uh) let me know what's up
Tell the owner bring the cash (uh) bottles ain't enough
Throw a few racks, leave a hater like "What?"