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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Castro Escobar, Jandro
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Stressing
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{"P-P-Pumba, are you nu-"}

[Castro Escobar]
I know you seen that text that I sent ya
I know that you still won't call me
I been blowin up all my exes
Feelin that you really don't want me
I could be the one if you let me
But you really ain't talkin
All these other hoes be guessin
Now they on your I-G stalkin
Tryna hate on you, tryna be like you
Tryna do me, please me, act like you
Cause they never had nobody that was just so true
E'rybody that I fuck with just can't be my boo
But who bought that chain? Bought that ring?
Fixed you, got you, healed that pain?
Everything I did, you my love, my main
I just can't explain

[Chorus 2X: Castro Escobar]
My girl broke up with me and I'm stressin
And now, I'm tryna find a better one
But I ain't even sure I learned my lesson
I ain't even learn my lesson

[Snow Tha Product]
I gave you everything and took it back (took it back)
Except my fuckin heart, your flight got booked with that (yeah)
I wish the way we ended it just wasn't that (wasn't that)
But I'ma take the L and I ain't lookin back cause I don't fuck with that
I gave you all of the best (best) stunted on your ex (ex)
Never got the credit for lettin you keep checks (checks)
Like I wasn't all of that
Like I ain't have no other options, you ain't thought of that
Now let me call 'em back
I'm finna club, yeah, turnin up, yeah
Cause I ain't learned my lesson, I'ma fuck it up, yeah
Cause you a dub, yeah, now call for what, yeah
And I'ma go out, I'ma run the numbers up, yeah
Now I'ma call up all my bitches, ay, anyone that listen, ay
I'm about to sub you in the captions of my pictures, ay
Tryna keep it pimpin, ay, fuck a bitch's feelings, ay
I ain't learned my lesson, I'm still makin bad decisions, ay


Baby, I know I'm so hard-headed and unpredictable
But one thing for certain I'm stressin, textin and missin you
And it seems like the only thing you're missin is cause
It's pissin me off, started feelin like your distance is long
Hm, but there isn't shit I could do
cause I reached all my strikes, right?
Hm, so now it is time
I could tell you to fuck who you like, heh, sike
Hm, straight shot to the chest
Even though I'm lyin you know I hold the pain in it best
And I suggest, probably cut off all the friends
In my DM's with heart eyes and pictures of them
Yeah, ay, straight doin the dirty
Even though I'm flirty you know I'm doin things that could hurt you
And I, I, I don't wanna be like that
I promise to love you lil' mama, baby hit me back
You know