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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ AJ Hernz, Castro Escobar
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Right Now
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{"Brown (Brown) Royal"}

[Chorus 2X: Snow Tha Product]
I'm about to fuckin waste yo' time, waste yo' time
But I can give it to you right now, right now, right now
Right now, yeah

[Snow Tha Product]
Baby I ain't tryna do you wrong, yeah
I'm about to give you everything you want, yeah
I ain't 'bout to tell you everything you wanna hear
But everything you wanna feel, you definitely about to get
I ain't 'bout to fuckin waste ya time, yeah
Like you way too much to tell yo' ass a lie, yeah
Lately I been takin everything as positive
I'm busy as I'm 'bout to get in all this drama I been in
I could tell you
that I ain't never had to lie a day in my life
I could play the role
and make you wait a while while I take my time
Babe you make me wanna
get involved and stay awhile
But you said they all lie, don't waste your time
So I'm 'bout to put it all on the line like, mmm


[Castro Escobar]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I-I ain't even gon' front with you
I'm just really tryna fuck with you
And I hate to waste your time, I ain't tryna make you mine
Make your mind up, let me know what's up with you
Send your location my way
See if I stop by today, if I go I can't stay
Stop for some Henny on the way
Let me know what's on your plate
Yeah, I'm known to act a fool
What you really tryna do?
Say you really tryna drink
Well, I'm tryna do that too
I ain't tryna be your dude
But for you this somethin new
I'm about to head my way
It's a quarter after two


[AJ Hernz]
Right now, ay
Even though I'm out in California
I keep it 100, Arizona
You just think I'm out here for the sex
And I'm fuckin with my ex, and I'm on to the next
Ay, I know I'm always gone like soldiers
Chasin this dream, not wars, yeah
Shit is gettin crazy every day
Cause I never plan to stay and I always go away, yeah
Tell you on the phone, just started from the bottom
Never know where I should be
Runnin from the truth, I run into you
Never had juice, I'm squeezin you
Always havin nothin is a struggle, I been dealin with the pain
And they wonder why I'm never okay
I know you wanna ride tonight
Even though I ain't your type

[Chorus] w/ ad libs