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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Castro Escobar
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Ride
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[Intro: Snow Tha Product]
Ridin yeah, ride
Ridin yeah, ride
Ridin yeah, ridin yeah

{"Pum-Pumba, are you NUTS?"

[Chorus 2X: Snow Tha Product]
Hit me up late at night, yeah yeah
I'll be right out, yeah
Baby I'm at the light, yeah yeah
Come outside, yeah
Go on a late night drive, yeah yeah
I be ridin, yeah
You know I'm ridin, yeah
You know I riiiide

[Snow Tha Product]
You all I think about, yeah
Cause ever since you been around, yeah
It don't matter how we find a way
And I don't care who ain't or who with me now
You came around and everything done changed now
Everybody got somethin to say now
Say you on the way now, say it's gettin late now
Checkin everybody went to bed, it's okay now
Hit me up, "Where you at?" Hit-hit you back like, "Come 'round back"
Cause I got my parents home, they don't know where I go, yeah
Dip quick, they don't ask, park in the cut, just wait on that
Cause you know lately all they be on is hatin on us, yeah


[Castro Escobar]
Hit me up late at night
And I'll go pick you up
Hit you up when I'm down the street from ya
I don't mind makin that 20-minute trip for ya
And I'm swangin through traffic, won't crash it
Addict for that shit you havin
I just wanna get a minute or two
to show you what you really need and 'bout to get into
I'll come through tonight, whatever you like, you know that it's right
Reminiscin with you 'bout every one of them times
I'm talkin 'bout whenever I would sneak inside of your room
Through your window even though both your parents was home, damn
Ain't it crazy how, shit is changin now?
And we get faded whenever when we get jaded now
Cause you can hit my line
And I'ma pull up, yeah yeah