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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Jandro
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Rah Rah
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[Intro: Jandro]
Yeah, ahem, ay, ahem
Ay, ahem, ay, whoa

[Chorus: Jandro]
People like me stay up in my bed, I can't sleep cause I'm woke
People like me play fair, stay true to my word cause I'm woke
People like me square up, fuck guns, run ones, run up
People like me, heh (people like me)
We just don't give a fuck
Don't give a fuck, don't give a fuck at all
We just don't give a fuck
Don't give a fuck, don't give a fuck at all

Yeah, what, yo, ay
I'm a, savvy dude, I never mix my business with my pleasure
X all my competition, had no problem hunting treasure
Short fuse, and I swear I got a midget temper
Aw yeah {?} so all just watch me sever
I know I move in silence, got 'em all baffled
Watch me pop off then give back like a charity raffle
Before I break my loyalty I'll choose to break my bones
I don't affiliate myself with snakes like Indiana Jones
And please don't ever get me mixed with anybody else
I'm movin still, pockets need to be obese like fuckin {?}
And if you ask me where I'm headed then I'm pointin up
I use the heavens as my startin point, and that's my point enough!


[Snow Tha Product]
Yo, people like me say fuck clout, fuck y'all, all I got is my word
People like you gon' duck out when I bust out all these facts and feelings get hurt
People like you, shit, people like you ain't allowed around me
Better get from 'round me before I leave, I don't got an ounce of coward in me
People like you, the type to talk behind backs, cause all you do is front
People like me, start a business then run this shit, all you do is run
Tryna find common ground but it's none, you a little bitch, a pussy and punk
Supposed to be a man, but you a bigger bitch than a bitch, like sis you got me fucked up
Look, you the type to bite the hand that feeds you
I'm the type to fuckin split my plate
You can count my pockets, go and copy what I did
But don't forget bitch, we are not the fuckin same
Yeah yeah yeah