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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ AJ Hernz
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   One More Time
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{"Pum-Pumba, are you NUTS?"}

[Chorus 2X: Snow Tha Product]
So fuck all that shit you tell me (ay) 'bout my cake like Debbie (ay)
Whether or not they let me (ay) I'ma wild like they dared me (ay)
I'ma call my, I'ma call my girls and hit that club one more time
I'ma stunt so hard and say you never on my mind

[Snow Tha Product]
You dipped on me knowin that my life wasn't alright
You tripped on me every time when I was on my grind
I was out here workin, product traffickin all night
I was tryna make it work with you but you a liar
And you made me waste time, rollin 'round with these fake guys
Gossipin on they break time, you believe them then say bye
Don't-don't-don't trip when I roll up with an ex
One thing I don't hold true, fuck an ex
I'ma show you why you shouldn't have left
I'ma come up in this bitch and I'ma blow a bigger cheque
Oh bitch I'm stuntin on you, I'm stuntin on you (on you)
Oh what the fuck you gon' do? What the fuck you gon' do? Not shit
When I pull up in the brand new whip, and you don't remember me to act like this
Bitch brand new wagon, brand new new crib, new attitude, now new text, who's this?


[AJ Hernz]
Oooh, fuck all that shit you tell me, I'ma dip out, I'm ready
Talkin that shit, I'm petty, me and my dogs stay litty
See you been tryna-you been tryna call like I ain't hittin No twice
I'ma stunt so hard and hit the club every night
Tell you what it's feelin like, I've been on the road tonight
I know that I'm gone, and now you all alone
Ain't no way to make this right, I'm up at a different height
You cannot keep up with me, yeah, ay
I ain't gon' let you come and go and waste my time
You know exactly how I feel, can't change my mind
And I ain't the one yeah, I'm in my 2-3 zone yeah
4-5 like Jordan, you used to be important