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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Castro Escobar
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   On Deck
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[Intro: Castro Escobar]
Oh they didn't tell you?

[Chorus 2X: Castro Escobar]
Run that check - sheesh (run that check)
Band's on deck - sheesh (band's on deck)
Ain't no rest - sheesh (ain't no rest)
That's that shit - sheesh (that's that shit)
I fuck up the whip (I fuck up the whip)
I fuck up the whip (I fuck up the whip!)
I fuck up the whip (I fuck up the whip~!)
I fuck up the whip - God! (I fuck up the whip)

[Castro Escobar]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Swang pull up, what it do? Got two dames and I'm rude
Got three dames on the side, and your hoe keep havin to fuck you
Yeah, stare at the whip like whoa, pay for the bitch like no
Don't-don't-don't give no fuck, no damn, fucked off and I'm still ridin slow
Yeah, tryna put the bitch on swang, easy fuckin up them bands
Two days ain't been no sleep, caffeine, Vyvanse, no brain
Yeah, up and out my head look crazy, whippin up the work like daily
No grind, no shine, that's right, bad bitch said she love my lady
Yeah, gone and I cannot feel half my face, keep that fuck shit up and out my place
I don't really like to fuck around, keep that Wesson with me just in case
I been watchin all these fuckin fakes, they been tryna take my cake away
We been drinkin almost e'ry night, I don't even know how I'm awake


[Snow Tha Product]
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh
Look, I ran through a check, pulled cash out (uh)
Said I'm cutthroat, can't black out (uh)
Finna get the new whip blacked out, matte out
Murder everything, bitch black out (woo)
Everything I say bitch I does that
Everybody in my life tellin me to cut back
Lookin at a limit like "What's that?" Fuck that
Here a credit card, uhh yes bitch, run that (uh)
What the fuck you talkin 'bout slow it? (huh)
I been on my grind too long and it's showin
Finally comin up and I treat you like you owe me
I've been that bitch, your bitch know it, I know it
And I got these real bitches yellin out
"FACTS!" "Yas, bitch, YAS!"
Henny on tap, bitch, tap
I'm like "Gimme cash, bitch, cash" (uhh)
Look, I've been recording songs like back to back
I hit every city on the map (huh)
I do more than most you men can do
I read DMs and have a laugh attack (woo!)
"Oh my God, this dude could save my life" (ha!)
No the fuck he can't, he got a wife (ha!)
Plus I heard she isn't satisfied (woo!)
I might pull the bitch and make him cry! (AAH!)