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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Jandro
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Lie to Me
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{"Pum-Pumba, are you NUTS?"}
{"Pum-Pumba, are you nu..."}

[Chorus: Jandro]
Ooh bitch you lie, ooh bitch you lie to me
Ooh bitch you try, I just need honesty
Was by yo' side, let you confide in me
Now I'm like honestly, I just need honesty
Ooh bitch you lie, ooh bitch you lie to me
Ooh bitch you lie, ooh bitch you lie to me
Ooh bitch you lie, ooh bitch you lie to me
Ooh bitch you lie to me, ooh bitch you, ooh bitch you, ooh bitch you

[Snow Tha Product]
You knew what I was on (yeah) you knew it all along (ay)
You know they told me facts (ay) you know you did me wrong (ay)
You know when I was gone, I ain't do shit but make that dough
I just make plays on my phone, you played games, I played along
But bitch you lied (but bitch you lied) ooh bitch you lied to me
Got goddamn pride (got goddamn pride) ain't no apology
You goddamn right (you goddamn right) you know you 'bout to leave
Fuck what you hide (hide, hide) well have yo' privacy
Cause I mean you been on your phone too much and somehow ain't no convos up
Truth is hard to swallow, so is pride, so fuckin swallow up
You lie, I know what, you want, buckle up
Cause this ride gon' fuck you up, oh you just mad you got caught up


Look, said you was chillin with homegirls, right? Gia, Leah, and Vanessa
See I called 'em all, they were all at home, so I'ma need a confession
And now you out here with the stupid face cause you was tryna finesse a finesser
I promise lil' mama I'm payin attention
you probably should sit cause your stories get better
OK, the other night when I was sleeping, I heard you get out the bed
I heard you go down the stairs, I heard you get on the phone
Heard every word that you said, ay, but I ain't mad though, pack your bags hoe
You a bad thot, but a mad hoe, and you big mad, cause you mad broke
Bitch you mad dumb, I got bad hoes; thought you seen that, ma?
I need my keys back, go hit your boo up and see where he at, ma
And those my diamonds that's on your earrings, so I'ma need that, ma
If that's all yo' things then be on your way and you can leave now, ma