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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Castro Escobar, Lex The Great
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Get That
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[Snow Tha Product]
Uhh, yo, yo, yo {"Pumba, are you n-"}
I'm back at it like boo-yah, like how I do ya
You see you need a mami chula, get a hallelujah
I'm workin on myself and tryin not to get lit too much but then I get two cups
and get to sippin, thinkin different cause I never drink enough
And you look like the party type and got your body right, you lookin at
the fact that I am all of that, I'm honest that we book the back
For everyone here to have fun - yes
I'm from the Bay, we go dumb - yes
Who here can twerk in a sun-dress?
Could be drunk love or it's drunk
Yes you and your friends can get in, the V.I.P.
You bought a bottle and you kept it hidden, said it's for me
I like to drink and do a show and kill it, and I can see
you from the stage, all I can say is uhh, we about to leave

[Chorus 2X: Snow Tha Product] + (Lex The Great)
I know you see me tryna get that (mmmm)
Backstage we could kick back (mmmm)
I'll have you sayin "Ooh you did that" (mmmm)
But I got some friends, so where your friends at? (mmmm)

[Castro Escobar]
Man I'm lookin for the baddest, somebody show me
And bring another for the homies, for Lex and Snowy
I'll get you lit just like a stogie, get it in like Kobe
I'm gettin cheese no macaroni, so get to know me
And yeah I'm tryna go and get that, tell me if you with that
This that shit that, makes my last bitch call and try to kick back
Since that, didn't work just go on and let me hit that
Pick back, up where we was at like "Where the drink at?"
What you want baby? (Ay) What you want?
Don't compare me to your mans, he can't give you what I got
He ain't fuckin with me, man you better tell that boy to stop
I ain't tryna cuff you either, I'ma leave that to the cops
Mmm, yeah, meet me right after the show, uh
Yeah, ain't nobody gotta know, uh
Yeah, and I'm gone off that Patrón
I ain't tryna cop your number, I'm just tryna take you home, yeah


[Lex The Great]
Yo, yo, we can kick it if you wanna
Backstage we got some marijuana
It's a Vibe, know that we ain't with the drama
Bring your friends, I got mine, we got the bottles
Party all night, fuck tomorrow
I'm your sancho, don't get in your feelings, it's no strings attached
You say you like being ratchet and also keep it classy
No regrets when you lit, fuck the aftermath
Every day I do it big like it was my last
Girl you know I'm tryna get that
You're bad and bougie and you know I really dig that
Bounce up on me one time, let me see that
Oh you playin shy, now I don't believe that