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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Castro Escobar, Lex The Great
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Background
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[Snow Tha Product]
Yo, look
Um, you said I met you at a bad time, OK
You got an ex and hope the bad vibes, go away
But there's a reason that you met me, ain't it?
Look I'm a Cancer, I save everyone that don't need savin
I mean I probably fucked up soon as I met you, huh? Somethin told me get you, uh
Lookin at me soon as I walked in, like I could bet you I
know what drink you 'bout to buy me, line you 'bout to tell me
Let me give yo' ass a break like recess, I'll be your Spinelli
I-I-I ain't tryna get involved, I, wanna get the call like
"What you doin tomorrow?" "I don't know but I'm off, why?"
"Cause I'm tryna know if you could go to this event
Look, I don't got a date to take, but I would love to take a friend"
So then we go, and then it's lit, it's on some rom-com shit
I mean the ambiance, bougie, a bidi-bom-bom a bit
And your uptight, out my league fancy ass get
You had the answers all along, you need a Mexican chick

[Chorus 2X: Snow Tha Product]
Let me play the background baby
That way you could take your time
Bet it's worth the thought now, ain't it?
I mean just in case you change your mind

[Castro Escobar]
She say, "Call me what you want, just never call me after midnight"
She needs me to go over and do that thang right
Got me saved under Sabrina in her new phone
I don't mind playin in the background if her dude know
But she workin it, yeah I know she workin it
Keep it on the low cause she know that there's people lurkin in
It don't make no difference, I ain't fightin for position
I know when to hit you back and when I gotta keep my distance
Yeah, but now I gotta keep you on your toes
My girl was questionin me on why I received a text from Domino's (damn)
I mean come on, now you know how it goes
You know what time of day to hit me, why you gotta act like you ain't know?
Yeah, let me know when you'll be free again
Pick you up and take you places you ain't never been
And tell your mans to chill out, why he always hatin?
Like damn dawg, I like her too, even if y'all datin


[Lex The Great]
Yuh, in case you change your mind let me tell you, somethin
Yeah you bangin up your vibes, I need a couple doses
I might just fuck around and slip up, overdose then black out
Might fall in love with that ass, I plan to find out
Cause I ain't tryna cuff you either, girl it's all good
I'm with the whole wink emoji, being fresh too
I know you busy and I'm busy too, tryna do what it do
I ain't gon' press you, I'm gon' fall back, figure out what's best for you
Can I hit in the morning? Shit, if we both playin it's only right we set some rules
And I'm just sayin it could really work, qu piensas t?
But what your girls tell you, listen what I'm sayin
Dime que t'quieres (what you want?)
Uh, dime que t'quieres, dime que t'quieres
Girl I'm with the cards whenever we can get it
Dime que t'quieres, dime que t'quieres