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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Castro Escobar
Album:  Vibe Higher
Song:   Act Like You Know
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{"P-P-Pumba, are you nu-"}

[Snow Tha Product]
Oooh, you think that everything's a game but
Oooh, we like to drive in different lanes, huh?
Oooh, we tryna go different directions
Ride solo, catch you at an intersection

[Interlude: Snow Tha Product]
Cause I'm gettin sick of the games, the "Baby I've changed"
The "Fuck you, I hate you"; we go back again
We get on the right track then start switchin lanes
I'll hit you with the swerve again
I'm goin back like

[Chorus: Snow Tha Product]
Ayyy, and you can catch me on the turnin lane
(Yeah) You better act like you know
(Yeah) I think this ride just isn't workin babe
(Yeah) We're goin way too slow
I gotta

[Snow Tha Product]
Think fast, kick back right where I left
Sit back, backtrack, boy I gotta jet
Baby you know this has been a tough road
And you know I'm gon' swerve again
I'm goin back like


[Castro Escobar]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oooh, I see you mergin into my lane
Oooh, I see you tryna play them mind games
You always trippin on me, never pack luggage
I'ma hit you from the back then give ya body full coverage
Yeah, always act like you don't care
Nev-never make your mind up, got me swangin everywhere
Always held me down though, had my back just like a spare
Drove through all them bumpy roads and now you wantin a repair
Yeah, I want you to want me so baby let's face it
No need for all this arguin and actin all crazy
Say you love me when you drunk but when you sober you hate me
Doin everything we shouldn't but that just doesn't phase me
Yeah, I-I-I-I just hope that we don't lose control
And I hope that we could cruise control
And I know you worried 'bout all this traffic
Yeah I've driven newer models but you'll still be a classic, yeah