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Artist: Snow Tha Product
Album:  Unorthodox
Song:   Unorthodox
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You can't tell me I'm not tryin' to be part of society
you can't tell me I ain't give it a shot
You can't say I ain't at least try to be
all of the normal things that girls sposed to brought
Up to be but look at the fuckery all these rappers are bringin' to y'all
Now you better hold up for the ride of your life
when I slide in the game I'm motherfucking goin' off
I been waitin' to let go and I really gotta admit
I know that I been doin' a great job
I came to disinfect yo little memory bank of the basicest shit the game got
I came to disconnect yo headphones so you let go of the dumb shit been taught
Like that I gotta sell sex because males get upset
if I don't sell show and bear it all
Eff that no scratch that fuck that shit
Get back ho back back what's up with
This lack of rap tracks that make some sense
I ain't talkin' 'bout conscious rap but oh shit
How many people ballin' but the economy fucked
How many people all up in dope n they sell drugs
If it's every single rapper who buyin' the dope huh?
But why your baby hella dirty n u froze up
Please quit with the act OK I'll go first
We gon' be bringin' it back and I'm a say it all in one verse
Beans gon' be spilled out the bag and maybe a couple of feelings will get hurt
So if you ain't got thick skin 
itch you better get in your little bubble and kick rubble or kick dirt

[Verse 2]
See I'm tired of all of this internet talk
cause of internet balls in your internet drawers
On some internet blogs talkin' internet fraud
With anonymous comments you probably aren't
Even close to cool or you failed ass artist
Probably got shut when you started
And now you wanna talk about shit 'cause you just aren't
Any where close to being what you wanted
If you don't like something why do you comment?
Why you all up in it and why you watch it?
And why would you gossip about all this nonsense?
It's funny cause lately men be obnoxious
Really? You mean to tell you think that I don't know that I ain't black?
Or that I don't know that usually Latin girls ain't really been all up in rap
I didn't know that my color or gender can be the preventer of gettin' on tracks
Well really it's not it's just a couple ignorant basic-ass people that say that
But they all wack and they got no swag
and they all probably live with their mom and dad
And they probably broke and they got no chance
To ever do be doin' what I'm doin' and that's sad
Cause last time I checked they play Hip Hop in the hood
And I dare you to find a hood with no Latins in it
because I don't think that you could
See last time that I checked they play Hip Hop in the hood
And I dare you to find a hood with no Latins in it
because I don't think that you could