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Artist: Snow Tha Product
Album:  Today I Decided {S}
Song:   Today I Decided
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{"Pum-Pumba, are you nuts?"}

[Snow Tha Product]
Today I decided to not give you bitches a second of time for the rest of my life
I'll be goddamned if I put in the work and I don't get the credit to fuckin suffice
I've been too humble too much of my life, cuttin 'em off so I'm measurin twice
Cause this time I mean it, I'm still fuckin bleedin bitch, there was better ways to hand me the knife
Like poor little Snowy, .40 is on me, half of these idiots dumb as a brick
Swear I won't use it when y'all up on YouTube, I aim with the .45 fuckin intense
Imagine if no stolen whip with the tint, imagine if I finally wanted to quit
Imagine if this industry took the life out a bitch and all I got is fuckin revenge
Who would I ride on if I'm 'bout to call it? I think my fans know a couple of names
I know some five figure checks that I've written and can't say a word cause a bitch NDA'd
Call all my lawyers cause I keep 'em paid, but they say some shit that my lawyers could save
Cause if I do go out I'm goin out strong and I'll leave y'all a note with the key to the safe, uhh

[Snow Tha Product]
Yeah, look
Today I just noticed that all of the friends that I lost that was talkin shit all on the 'net
all have apologized, all of 'em know that I fuckin invented 'em, never forget
I never went out in public to vent, I know exactly what I represent
And any lil' bitch that was that quick to switch up, all of you deserve what the fuck you gon' get
How does it feel when you look at your fans and you know that you'll lose 'em if I ever talk?
If I ever pull up receipts of some videos shorty I bet you you'll piss in your drawers
All you little bitch ass, still ain't ever shit ass, fickle ass, flip-flop lyin ass hoe
You should thank God with like every breath that I ain't talk my shit cause I stuck to the code
But ain't I hit you up directly told you that you best be treadin real carefully bitch?
Bitch, bitch don't you forget we still got a debt, see I'ma collect my shit
If, you got a question I got an answer, ain't I keep the same line?
All that boo-hoo shit on the 'net was a clout chase (woo) them lies are so tired

[Outro: Snow Tha Product]
Yo I just noticed everybody that don't fuck with me fucks with each other
It's like a fuckin union of dumbass people
Ayy, but I'm comin back for my money though, I'm not playin