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Artist: Snow Tha Product
Album:  Goin' Off {S}
Song:   Goin' Off
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[Intro: Snow Tha Product]
You're recording?
Ahem, yo, look
{"Pum-Pumba, are you nuts?"}
Yo, look

[Snow Tha Product]
Look I just woke up like I beat the charge and cashed out back to back
Like Maury told Chris Brown I got a baby and he the dad
Like my boyfriend cheated on me, but I ran off with his stash
Like I lost a couple pounds, but I got to keep my ass
I just woke up like 'Yoncé, attitude gigante
He said "No comprande," size elefante
This is on a mild day, haters wake up
Better preach it like Aretha, pray before your makeup
I got these bitches kinda trippin I'm alive and still kickin
Yeah they stole my style but I still made a couple million
Yeah they got me fucked up, it's cool bro, I'm chillin
I just let 'em copy homework, just did it a little different
I'm insistin you can keep it, I'ma keep doin what I do though
I write bars, make lines baby, I move dope
And I do shows and side shows, and I do go
And hatin bitches talk they shit, but one thing is tell a bitch I

[Chorus: Snow Tha Product]
Tell a bitch I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go
Tell a bitch I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go
Tell a bitch I go, bitch go, bitch go, bitch go, bitch go, bitch go, bitch go
Tell a, tell a bitch go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go

[Snow Tha Product]
Look, look I'ma need 100 bottles cause I got up out a deal
And give me fifty feet of space and lil' bitch back it up a lil'
And fuck a table, I need sections at the club to keep it real
And I could finally admit it, bitch I made a couple mil'
And bitch I need to call my jeweler, tell JP to get my grill
And bring the ice and chains to cool my temper, I'ma need to chill
I went through hell and back and finally, look I'ma pop a pill
I'm 'bout to let 'em know the truth (woo) this just how I feel
I feel like baby baby baby, uhh, need a new Mercedes, uh
I'ma act a fooly, uh, nobody can save me, uh
Fuck all of the waiting, uh, fuck a bitch that's hating, uh
Got my lawyers callin me cause boy my temper crazy
I've been all up in the bank and yuh, money finally came in, yuh
Love a bitch or hate a bitch but make sure that you pay me, yuh
I just spent like eighty, yuh, another eighty waiting, yuh
Bitches used to hate on me but lately say I'm wavy, yuh
Snowy-owy-owy, huh, rollin like a stogie, huh
Got me a new shorty, huh, from New York like bogies, huh
If you know you know me, huh, pimpin macaroni, huh
Must want me to cook a bitch the way she throwin sodium
.40 tucked, told you bruh, haters out here hoein up
If you bang you gang then, let me know and throw it up
Twenty bitches rollin up, make the club announce for that ass
And if you ain't my bitch, booty better bounce