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Artist: Snow Tha Product
Album:  Half Way There...Pt. 1
Song:   Too Much to Take (Interlude)
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[Snow Tha Product]
Yo, I swear to God that it's not jealousy but I'm eyein 'em
Like I see what they started with, I see where I am in
It's like my momma tried to do me good by puttin me in better schools
than what we could afford but then forgot the car I'm ridin in
Forgot the rags that I am in; forgot the money I don't get
Forgot the kids here are fucked up and I'm still tryin in
Forgot that I'm on free lunch and all these kids got money
Only broke ass kids be linin up, up in the line I'm in
Fuck it I ain't buyin it, I'ma sit here quietly
Fuckin stomach hurt and didn't eat but fuck it I am in
the cool kids table cause of how I act but I don't want them knowin
that I'm broke as fuck cause then the jokes start flyin in
It's too close to home to be funny, huh?
Suburbs really suck with no money, huh?
It's like they got a hungry kid surrounded by a bunch of meal tickets
I'm supposed to just ignore that I'm the bummy one?
I wish I would've stayed up in the hood with my pops and shit
Cause what's the point of higher class unless I fit in?
Cause I've been ditchin school just to be alone
Goddamn, all I feel's a lack of oxygen