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Artist: Snow Tha Product
Album:  Half Way There...Pt. 1
Song:   Too Much (Interlude)
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[Snow Tha Product]
It's too much to take, too much to take
Sometimes it's too much to take
Had to say it three times; one for me, one for you
One for all these little lazy bitches tryna hate
I've been on my grind for too long, but I've been
lettin this shit fly for too long, the irony
The harder that I work, the harder life is tryna check me
There's a reason more and more of these fuckin people hate sobriety
I do, I run from problems that I've got, inside of me
I open one door and two lock, it's tirin
I don't even have no one to call, I'm dialin
At this point a stranger probably help me more than friends that lie to me
It's like I work so hard I hit a wall, entirely
Too proud to quit, and shit is gettin hard, society
has placed me in a tank inside the ocean, I just get to see them free
But I'm stuck in a bubble I'm fuckin dyin in