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Artist: Snow Tha Product
Album:  Half Way There...Pt. 1
Song:   Not Tonight
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{"Turn up the base!"}

[Snow Tha Product]
Babe, show me what you like
Ay, I put in money, I can match it for ya (uh)
I'm in this bitch and I don't wife it
Lookin like a brick and all them zippers on the jacket on ya
Hey, he got a thang for a Latin chick (uh)
He wanna hear a little Spanish
Ha, I told him it ain't shit to practice it
I'm 'bout to fully up his status
Walk up with the clique and I ain't lookin like the side in this
I'm the opposite cause I'm the main event and bossin in it
As the time been tickin I been out here playin my position
I'm about to get it now ain't no one 'bout to block the hitlist

[Chorus: Snow Tha Product]
Some day, some day
Some time I'll find someone, someone
to tell me I'm somewhat, somewhat
doin alright, doin alright (al-al-alright)
Somewhere, somewhere
I'ma find me that someone, someone
That somebody that one day, one day
will be the love of my life, love of my life
But not tonight though...
{"Turn up the b-b-base!"}

[Snow Tha Product]
Hey, I'm only here for a minute (uh)
Bet you want a girl that keep it hella independent
And I, know you gotta like a girl that this appealing
If you caught up in the moment then I'll get you in your feelings
Uhh, tell your boys that you gon' meet 'em later on
Both of us are drunk so taxi leave the meter on
First time you're out in Cali, never tried no weed this strong
So you gon' have some stories to tell when you take your ass back home
Time and time and one time, one time, Snowy-owy
showed you what it's like, leave you sleepy like the codeine
Call the umpire, get you out and get you rolling
Get your shit, you gotta go, I got a flight up in the morning, uhh


[Snow Tha Product]
(Ooooh) He tryna catch me in my feelings
(Ooooh) But he don't know that I'm the plug though
(Ooooh) Shout out to my bitches
that can get it independent and they lookin for no love though
(Ooooh) He tryna catch me in my feelings
(Ooooh) But he don't know that I'm the plug though
(Ooooh) He tryna stunt and get me drinks
I got the bottle from this section and I pray this fuckin club bang!

{"Turn up the b-b-base!"}