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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Tech N9ne
Album:  Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover (Mixtape)
Song:   You're Welcome
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I mean don't think I haven't noticed
I made a lot of these bitches step their game up
Or wake their game up
But I ain't even salty though, I mean
You're welcome

I'm not even gonna fuckin blame you bitches no more
I'mma start blaming your CEO
You just wanna move up but they gas you up
Like your track's too tough then you see me flow
Then all of a sudden you know that your bars chiquito
Y'all be thinking I'm too busy not to see these hoes
But I be letting bitches eat then I bet in a week
I get back killing beats, call your PBO
Send your bitches to the ward with this
See I've been taking my time
Spending money cuz I never had a dime
I can now afford to live
So I be laying back chillin'
Suckin' off my prime, but lately I've been getting bored with this
I wanna go back to rappin' and distort your shit
And you whores that spit all this corny shit
To the morgue, that they won't
See you 'till you're born again
Man, they have been Googleing me
Cause I've been proven to be
Something you wouldn't know if I leave
She'll be suing your team, watchin' every move that I be
Make em even, make em a beauty a beast
‘Cause I guess that I was too busy talking
About cookie cutter bitches
Didn't realize label heads made me
A mold and started cookie cuttin' bitches!
I tall em all like, you seldom
Come hotter than hell come
Come on Tech N9ne, now tell them
They want beef then I bring to them well done
They need meat, beat this, do it well done
And I kill them, so now we could do the whoopin'
And I pray for em, stay all on my shit
That's a tear drop then you're welcome

You're welcome
You're welcome
You're welcome


[Tech N9ne]
Sin came within my grim brain
The way I flip, it's a fuckin' shame
In pain when I spit again mane, shit I been slain but the kin name in vain
Fuck a Tecca Nina them sayin'
Without knowin' for sho' that he's insane
Then they stumble upon that we been banging
Ain't no choppin' with Tech when yo chin hangs nigga
A bit of marvelous, when snow mixed with a bit of chocolate
We be giving the people lyric apocalypse
When they bit us, I put em deep in necropolis
Quick (chyeah), real sick then I hop on this chick
Plop in this slit, Tech knockin' this bitch
Giving her a lot of it
Droppin' this dick
Oops , T.M.I. , got the all-seeing eye, never know
B.M.I. nigga don't be a lie
You know she and I hit a motherfuckin' nerve
And gonna disturb em
When given the word you deserve to be free and die
Celebrating, I drink hindo
Elevating, I see them fall
Hella wakening, woke I been raw
Have a nigga touching everything like a pinball
More hell comes
For frail bums
Pour stale cum on your gal's tongue
Or tell some scum your fell stung
Poor sales, none, sure swelled em, you're welcome