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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Trae Tha Truth
Album:  Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover (Mixtape)
Song:   On. Now
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I got like a thousand reasons to quit this shit
One big reason and not
I'm that long haired chick with a bunch of shoes
That got 45 grand in a box
I put it on mind then I'm raising the stocks
Check me online, you can think of what I got
But I guarantee that you coming up short
Cause I'm more offline and I'm more on the block
And I still throw up that west like Pac
And I'm old cool like record shops
Little hot chick that mess get hot
Little setback but I progressed a lot
And I'm blessed a lot, I object to the fraud
Till I get the props, yes I'm hot, little better with the crop
That the best you got, and I'm still that mex, that flex up top
And I got that skin tone that they love to hate
Smoking and sipping that bubbly
And these haters still try to bring me down
So they bring me up when they conversate
Cause I live down south but I'm from the bay
No business bitch I'm accompanied
If you ain't stick with me you ain't getting shit
When we finally break any fucking day
Cause these prodigal minds and I means it
My bars bring fire as the weed did
Any bitch say she don't wanna no beefing
If she do then I'm gonna make her vegan
Cause I've been this and I've seen this
And I speak this cause I know
Everybody far from the game cause they know about the name
But they still tryna keep me on the low
When I be like motherfuckers scared to colab with me
Still say they real in the magazines
But they don't wanna get killed on the track I spill
With rap I'm giving no apology
Cause see, all these bitches all photo shoots
And all diva chicks in ghost written shit
But I'm killing it and I swear this falls
I'm finna hurt more than just feelings, bitch

Motherfuckers talking but don't really make a sound
You see everybody calling when you finally get around
That we on now, always going down
Say that when you know we in your town
Now we telling 'bout getting back without you in the track
Now they getting flats now we getting cash where we at
Now they feeling that, now we finna back cause we can
So we been in that, now we get the chance to hit it where
We on now, always going down
Say that when you know we in your town

[Trae The Truth]
Pull up in the Maserati, I wear pitch black
I'm still the king, y'all admit that
Real nigga riding the game, he can't get back
I don't give a fuck about your bitch, get that
If a nigga want to be a thug, Imma show 'em what to do
Get your head chopped off like [?]
Everybody in the hood love me, know you
I've been in the gut, what the fuck you gonna do
Fuck you, tell them niggas I was in it for the win
Rise so high nigga should've been a swing
Yeah [?]
Go so hard in this track, nigga here we go again
I'mma fuck a nigga, wanna get no shit with me
I been in the Benz since '93, I make a nigga rewrite shit and get lost
Had people looking for you all OTP
Put him in the box, I put him in the river
Say you got ice, hope a nigga don't shiver
Your shit trash, should've been rid off
My shit cool, your shit look bitter
Look fuck nigga, I'm the king of Texas
South, west side, where the hood get reckless
Should sit down like I get restless
Certified fake nigga, ain't no guessing
Rapped the aces, but to the motherfuckas down the corner cause [?]
I do it for the team, nigga, worth your time
Nigga fuck get mad, nigga better get dough
Shoe box nigga better get low
I lean on a nigga like a [?]
Ask more shit, nigga better get low