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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ Riff Raff
Album:  Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover (Mixtape)
Song:   Nope
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Tell me whatcha talkin' 'bout, I'll tell you whatcha missin'
I be sellin' product like I'm workin' on commission
Ya'll can you say you ballin', but you thristy and you stingy
So as far as I'm concerned, yo ass a fuckin' contradiction
Snowy independent, Snowy in my business
I just tell em keep it moving like I'm teaching 'em some physics
Bad little chick, you wanna put me in detention
I got A-D-H-D, good luck keeping my attention
I got digits in my calculator, dividends and bank accounts
Broker like an aggregator, making money, making clout
Write it up, break it down, checks in major paid amounts
"Ding-ding-ding", like I'm winning, that the Vegas sound
He called me up, saying he wanna talk a bit
He wanna fuss, talkin' bout he saw me in...
He talk too much, I just keep it moderate
He mentioned us, us?! He got the fist

(Heard around you ballin') Yup, don't call me though
(Money in your wallet) Yup, don't call me though
(Like to go shopping) Yup, Don't call me though
(Why you acting brand new, telling me "Don't call me?!")
Cause I'mma be like "nope, nope, nope"
I'mma be like "nope, nope, nope"
Nope, no-no-no, nope
I'mma be like "nope, nope, nope, nope"

[Riff Raff]
RiFF RAFF picture perfect, Versace on the surface, I never shop at Mervyn's
It's a sterling chain, I don't rock that, Mercedes with the top back
The way I'm shootin' jumps, you figured I play for the Bobcats
Charlotte, my chain is sparkling and Neiman Marcus
Is darker, I beg your pardon, that Aston Martin
And you are on the bench, I still woulda made a starter
I am not your father, I go ten times harder
Further or farther, and when they jot down my stats
They take notes, with Gucci markers
Marvelous, stupendous, your Mazda suspension
They pretend to not to notice that I pull up on suicide blades
Pull up at [?] Garth Brooks taper fade
Jody Highroller the name, mind frame's not the same
Round up cows, settled out west, I got a range