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Artist: Snow Tha Product f/ CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover (Mixtape)
Song:   Hold You Down
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus 1 x2: Snow]
You ain't gotta say you love me
We gon figure this shit out
We ain't gotta do that lovey dovey shit
You know you got yourself a chick that hold you down

Man, I never been too into public signs of affection
My biz is my biz
And plus sometimes your private confessions get criticized quick
But I be the type that keeps it in check
And I don't feel the need to reflect
With no fuckin people except exactly who I'm with
Man, I know we straight. We'll be okay
I don't got no stress, I'm getting paid
You know we stay cashing these checks
Man, all that extra shit for the birds
All of them chicks having things to worry bout
A bunch of he said, she said, he said, we said
Oh no, fuck word of mouth
It ain't nothing to keep shit cool if everything between me and you
Don't gotta be publicized because otherwise these bitches start to intrude
Hoes be loving to fuck with a girl's man
It be making em feel accomplished
Flirt till he flirt back, somehow that's a ho subconscious
But it ain't never been bout the world
This is about just me and you
You don't gotta say you love me, you just gotta show and prove
I said it ain't never been bout the world
This is about just me and you
'Cause good things don't need overselling
Everyone know what the fuck it do

[Chorus 1 x2]

[CyHi The Prynce]
Snow can you answer this?
Was that yo dude you was in Atlanta with?
'Cause I always wanted me a Hispanic chick I can speak some Spanish with
From Los Angeles even though I can barely understand this shit
We got the same management
I might as well take advantage. Shit!
Candles lit, what you think about me and you vanishing
Cruise on the Pacific since you already on Atlantic and
Some booze and we can kick it
Don't worry bout yo man and shit
Breaking up is natural... even the Grand Canyon split
Girl so come and smoke some canna...
I'd rather spend this money on you than to give it to some dancer bitch
And I am not a trick; let's just say I'm a philanthropist
It's pimpin over here and baby, church! Evangelist
What you think about being my fiancé?
My Beyonce, don't worry bout what them peons say
Let's fly to Paris and get yo wedding dress from Givenchy
French kissing at the altar, parlez-vous francais?

[Chorus 2]
You ain't gotta say you love me
We gon figure this shit out
'Cause every time I see you Shawty
I just wanna walk up on you, kiss you on the mouth

[Chorus 3]
You ain't gotta say you love me
Cause that ain't what this about
Hey I'm not tryna stress you, Miss Lady
Let's go half on a baby and a house