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Artist: Snow Tha Product
Album:  Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover (Mixtape)
Song:   Fuck Tha Rent
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fuck tha rent, fuck tha rent, fuck tha rent [x3]
Famous by tomorrow, fuck it all

Yelling fuck tha rent, fuck tha rent
Fuck the bills, fuck it all
I'm just trying to get famous by tomorrow

Look, I'm working, I'm fucking working
I'm seeing profits and I ain't perfect
Cause nobody's perfect, I dropped out of college
But I'll resurface with new beats and verses
They checkin' out my bars
And they got me daydreaming about cars
And getting me in over my friend's all
Got a girl like fuck the work (fuck the world)
It's just me and my crew
And we all sitin' on this ledge
Overlooking the city with a bunch of brew
When we had your flavs, cause they much to do
But to really kick back and just talk bout who
And who gon' do, what, when, where, and how when we get on
Always 'bout to be so cool and we gonna party hard
And we gonna travel a lot, need a very ballin
And brag bout what we got, we gonna valley park
No more Value Mart, no more getting dogged at the laundry

We're gonna make it, yeah we gon' make it
So fuck the drama and all them bills, oh yeah them bills
I'll hit em up manana


They say tomorrow ain't promised and today is today's gift
And I live for presence, I learn my lesson
I'm done with stressing over payment
I got my crew that I came with
Then I'll give you food for all of that lame shit
No time for foolishness I hatin'
We working all day till we famous
Some of these lames just sound so basic
Talkin' about M.O.B. is some gay shit
We making avenues for that revenue
When no sense in being impatient
I got no car payments, but i got two cars
I'm not famous but I'm gone too far
We are waiting to get on majors
We're conversating in how we get bout to be on
It's cope and static, I'm living life
This dough I'm getting I'm spend it right
I'm motivated, they overrated
We on the way to get the game (Hell yeah)

We're gonna make it, yeah we gonna make it
So fuck the drama and all them bills, oh yeah them bills
I'll hit em up manana