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Artist: Swollen Members
Album:  Dagger Mouth
Song:   Do or Die
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Mad Child]
This is the realest shit I ever wrote
What's fear? Fear is an emotion
What is death?

[Mad Child]
Dark and mysterious, art of a lyricist
Misguided angel, I'm dangerous period
Life's simple, perish or you own it
Bury your opponent, and cherish every moment
Mad Child's fly like a helicopter
Plus I am still hella sick, tell a doctor
I'm revitalized, please don't idolize me
Only one G-O-D
The ceremony of our innocence is drowned
Seen evil clowns and they're dancing all around
I don't cry at funerals, I cry durin movies
There's something wrong with me, I'm deeply wounded
This is do or die, try it with a ruined mind
I have slept with more than two girls committing suicide
Look into the mirror, memories of monsters
Grip the sink, blood gushing out my nostrils
I'm thinking 'bout the pain that I've inflicted
Entering the world of Shane become a victim
I feel death circling, no plans of leaving
Look into my eyes, see a soul barely breathing

[Chorus: Mad Child]
What's fear? Fear is an emotion, love is an addiction
Death is when the soul leaves the body
... When the spirit leaves the shell
Make home heaven cause this world's a living Hell
What's hate? Hatred come from jealousy and greed
Everybody take more than everybody need
Be the Devil's play thing or pray up above
Pure hatred, also stems from true love

I've lived part of my life +Poe+ like +Edgar Allen+
My friends told me I should never go to Shutter Island
Cut grass like a diamond, then I fall through the atrium
My life's fallin apart, the shards in my cranium
Sharks in my aquarium, my body in a pine box
Too heavy to carry him, just bury him here
Plus he was never married, no kids so who cares?
No mercy in this universe, you had some good years
And Prev' right through there is a bright light and tunnel
Your cousin, your grandma, your aunt, your uncle
They all await you, this world overrates you
And fate is a cruel joke but wait, can you break though?
My breath, is finally returned to my chest
Never played by the rules so I had to cheat death
You believe in second chances if you change your circumstances
Cause for everyone that fails means another one advances
Prevail had no father doesn't mean that he's a bastard
I got love for my momma, sister, grandma, my grandpa
Family history of cancer, illness and deficiency
So every day above ground, I take that as a victory