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Artist: Swollen Members
Album:  Dagger Mouth
Song:   Chemical Imbalance
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

You're going to be listening to some people on this tape today
who've experienced anxiety disorder in a very real way
A lot of people have a misconception about anxiety disorder
Obsessive thinking, low self-esteem, panic attacks, anxiety, and fear

[Mad Child]
No question I'm prone to depression
Throne made of stone, I am known for aggression
Sit home and get stoned, no purpose
Become a servant, feel like I'm worthless
Sun turn to darkness, now I'm getting nervous
'Til I make a purchase and I'm Silver Surfing
Flyin through the stars in the Milky Way
Next day filled with guilt again
Emptiness and sadness, used to get a lot done
Now the Devil's in my car riding shotgun
(Vicious cycle) Mad Child's back like the hot sun
Still shining, redrum redrum

Very uncontrollable thoughts
You're going to lose control

[Mad Child]
From walking on the Sun with a Pepsi bottle
Pocket full of cash and a sexy model
Shopping like I just won the lottery
Then I fell down, hit the ground like pottery, smash
(Manic episodes) Rough, doin drugs like a dummy
Gained a lot of weight with a big fat tummy
Didn't have sex, pale skin like a mummy
Crashed the Suburban, almost killed my whole group
God saved us, I'm tellin you the whole truth
Old dude, Clark Kent in a phone booth
(It might scare you) I refuse to be old news

People with anxiety, value control immensely
You're not in control of yourself
or in control of your emotions and it might scare you

[Mad Child]
My mind; mentally a torture chamber
Complete frustration, approach with anger
Used to be exciting, white lightning
Living in a nightmare quite frightening
(Wake up) Aggressive performer
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Psychotic, dark product of narcotics
I'm bleeding badly in shark waters
Hail Marys and Our Father
up in Heaven lookin down on what he's not proud of
Evil thoughts, blood and gun powder
Quite crowded, blue pills and white powder

Take control of your life, take control of your fear
The things that we do are fear-based
Fear and worry can be very very powerful negative forces in your life
If your anxiety is to the point where it's disrupting your lifestyle
then you have a problem with it...