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Artist: Slick Rick
Album:  The Art of Storytelling
Song:   Adults Only
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Check (5X)

Well, let us skip the boring foreplay I'm slidin' right in 
This girl over my house who had to be about 19
Ass, hoes in my poster 
She's sweatin' although she tried to hold her composure
I hoped she'd take it in the ass and suck dick
(Girl) My my what a nice apartment you got Rick
On her knees about to make her fall 
(Girl) "All platinum and gold jammies hangin' on the wall too, 
you got it goin' on"
Now my mouth start foamin' 
The lights dim we're kissin' and my hands start roamin' in her drawers 
(Girl) Stop!
Knew she was joking 
cause I ain't even fuck her and her pussy was soaking WET!
Already had her tit out 
If I play my cards right, fuck her dig in the hole she shit out 
(Girl) Rick I gotta go my girls waitin'
She recaps finally when honey drawers down to her kneecaps 
Breathed heavy all mushy bitch 
Swore up and down I was gonna fuck her in the pussy
Since friends waitin' on subtle 
Bout time to make a move upon the hungry little butthole
Meanwhile she acted quite passive 
lickin' the hun neck while she lotionin' that ass with jelly
Tit hung out the frame nigga loco
Surprised honey didn't put up too much of a struggle, at first
Sinkin' in she ain't know how to be the bitch went 
(Girl) ahh Rick it hurts take it out of me!
Knocked my magazine down, bitch threw my papers 
You wanna keep it down I mean I do have neighbors!
Squirmin' away although the table was barrin' her 
Felt real good my dick was sunk so far in her
She said it felt like a bull dowser barrin her 
Sqealin about she couldn't take it anymore in her
My cummed on her straight in the perm in her, (here) 
As I drained every last drop of sperm in her (where)


So girls when we kiss and we cuddle, ain't no way to put it subtle 
when I want the butt hole!
(Moaning in back round)

Another girl I met, her experience fast because 
Most girls wit kids don't be hit in they ass before
Picked her up sunset 
(Girl) Don't be late for dinner, ma
Bringin' honey home from the date at the cinema
Thinkin' how to fuck the ass so plottin', 
blown in the elevator, hit the stop button
She smiled, by knowin' her butt I wanna bore   
I said "Can I have a kiss now instead of in front of your front door"
(kissing/sex in the back round) (Uhhhmmm!! Oh yeah!)
Although the rule I tried not to push hard, 
I'm all over the bitch like an octopus 
Deep down I know she also wanna fuck 
Though I kept my tounge in her mouth so not to put her on the spot
To have to talk no shit to prevent me from bonin' 
Unzap the bra, when the hooker start moanin and 
Expose my espresso suck on her and lick on her 
Unbucklin' pullin' out mad long dick on her
Panties in the way of that, but I want to check it out
Slipped her wet drawers down her thigh and took her leg out
Her butt was juicy kinda fat, 
spun around start to stick her in the pussy from the back
She came, mad juice dripped out, 
still in the pussy then acted like it slipped out
Cum on the floor, She said "Pardon the puddle" 
Spread open her cheeks, pushed hard in her butt hole 
Uhhhmmm, wasn't a bad date at all, she went AHHHH AHHHH
Start pullin' at my balls while I'm still penetratin' 
Felt fantastic, she said 
(Girl) "Rick I'm not really into this ass kick"
Meanwhile Rick cummin' by the gallon, 
put your hands on the wall please
And try an' keep your balance
Lickin' the grill in her, meanwhile fillin' her 
Till sperm start pourin' out her butt hole while I'm still in her
Then start rammin' the pine in her 
I almost picked her up with these final grinds in her


So girls when we kiss and we cuddle, 
aint no way to put it subtle when I want the butthole!

Girl: My ass, more, more, more!