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Artist: Slick Rick
Album:  Behind Bars
Song:   A Love That's True (Part 2)
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Oh dear, Scooby Doo do
Oh gosh, Scooby Doo do
Ricky needs a lover that's tru-u-ue
Show me the love that's trueeee
Show me the love that's trueeee
Shoe me the love that's true

[Slick Rick]
Snap right back to the bed, now snap her the bed
Snap right back to the bed, to race all that
Any time a girl a flip, and you like acrobat
Any time a girl a come too much back that
Come now back to the bed, to dolly all to that
Come on to that, you damn a pure alley rat
Most sent to Mr. Fabulous Land learn how to act
Now body make my outta outcome, challenge I that
Now no say boy, well no say, but we older and we older
Pulling you back, pulling you back, girl I hold you back
Snap out, then run out, a race soldier
Chew any type and bet you make a million for that
Any time, give me the chat, bounce much back
Think he annoying, then, girl now I know that
Since he never get plenty of girl on the track
Everything you got, now you know I carry on the response
When we check, the tote, dominant we do tick for tack
Yeah, can I have one, glimpse of them on track
Responsibility, they never wanna flatter that
They want politic, thousand dollar fract'
So sit with Mr. Fabulous Land, learn off of that
And any type of girl usually wanna see a dragon
Any type of girl and not negative in crack
Your type of girl and not intelligent intact
Lounging off not what reserve, better than that
Looks are not the only that we gather this track
Said the looks are not coming on strap, better on chat

Scooby Doo do
Scooby Doo do
Ah ha ha

Dad loves you, dad's love is true
Heaven on earth, when dad's with you
Son please know dad's love is true
Together we'll make it just us to