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Artist: Slim Thug f/ Killa (Kyleon), Slick Pulla, Young Jeezy
Album:  Already Platinum Chopped & Screwed
Song:   Diamonds (Remix)
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[Mannie Fresh] + (Slim Thug)
Ladies and Gentlemen!
And the people that payed for this remix (Geah!)
I just want y'all to know, Y'all alright with me, ya heard? (Slim Thugga!)
Love all y'all, I'm ya boy
Fre, fre, fre, fre, Fresh! (Young Jeezy)
Now let's talk about....

[Chorus] + (Slim Thug Ad-Libs)
Dimaonds pressin up against the woodgrain wheel (Boss Hogg OutLawz)
Diamonds pressin up against the woodgrain wheel (Ha!)
Diamonds pressin up, Da-Diamonds pressin up
Diamonds pressin up against the woodgrain wheel

[Slim Thug]
Leadin that blue train through the turnin lane, sittin on butta (On butta!)
Brain on the grain while I bang trunk scudda (Ha!)
A dyme fine frame shotgun I'm a cutta
Bossman and Snowman gon' forever keep it gutta (Geah!)
This is for the G's, and this is for the hustla's
Out there on the grind tryna satisfy the Cus'mas
Rain, sleet or snow, go get that money (get that money)
Til ya stash full of cash, you can't fit that money (Can't fit that money)
From the blocks of the H to tha traps of tha A (Of tha A)
Ain't no time to play, get ya pay
I'm shinin on boys and the front chrome grill (chrome grill)
Hand on the steel, diamonds on the wood grill (Geah!)

[Chorus] + (Young Jeezy Ad-Libs)
Aye! You already know what it is nigga!
Aye! Thug you know I had you nigga
You already know what it is
Aye! (5x)

[Young Jeezy]
Snowman Bitch (Bitch), Need I say More? (More?)
When you get done wit these, look I got twenty more (Ha Ha!)
Still got blow money cause nigga I know money (Money)
Now I'm on the road gettin fifty-a-show money
Still sittin on white bricks (Bricks), wrapped in duck tape (Tape)
Thirty minutes flat, I can bake a whole cake (Yeah!)
Got a pocket full of stacks, safe full of blocks (Blocks)
Then they come through, look at the stones on the watch (Geah!)
Iced-out belt buckle, they never had a chance
Dropped sixty-grand, just to hold up my pants (Ha Ha!)
Still got the chevy, spent a grip on the Lambo
Twelve carats in my ear just to show em what I stand fo' (Aye!)

[Chorus] + (Killa's Ad-Libs)
They know who it is nigga..
Run it!

I got tha diamonds pressin up against the woodgrain wheel (Wheel)
Tippin, sittin sidewayz off in my DeVille (Ville)
Comin down, lane switchin
Butta seats, Grain grippin
Candy frame on a set of swangs wit tha brains missin
Badge on my neck and Killa's not a deputy (Naw!)
I'ma Boss Hogg Outlaw (I gotta rep it G!)
And like a gold-diggin bitch, I'mma bout dough man
So if I quit rappin I'mma get the trappin wit tha Snowman! (That's Right)

[Slick Pulla]
I'm on the block cause frost skiing make a nigga hop (Hobble)
I'm on the ave, gettin the D and make that country crock (Country Crock)
That gutta butta, that's why I got a phat knot (Ok)
I was taught by them G's how to get gwop
Like some tumbleweed, we stay in the wind
Chokin Bubble-Yum, ridin candy wit Slim (Candy wit Slim)
Choppin Duece McCallister, you know, twenty-sixes
Got stupid flow, plus the hustle game ridiculous (For Real!)

[Chorus] + (Mannie Fresh Talking)
Ladies and Gentlemen
The beat is being provided to you by a very expensive man
But he is very very much worthy
And he goes by the name of...
Fre, Fre, Fre, Fresh!
Now please baby, pay attention to the diamond chain
The diamond ring, the big belt buckle and the gator shoes
And that chromed-out lady restin her ass on the hood ornament
Leading her way, into stardom....yeah

[Chorus to fade]