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Artist: Slaine f/ Dre Robinson, DL
Album:  The Boston Project
Song:   Faster Than Time
Typed by: Matt Jost

[ VERSE 1: Dre Robinson ]
So now they call us pioneers
Remember fresh out the jungle?
Hittin the launch pad like the lion here
Dre the truth, ain't no lyin there
I'm a beast like Eli, in my city I'm a Giant there
Kept writin and rectin like my time was near
Movin at a fast pace, I ain't had no time to spare
The total package - my kind is rare
Had labels showin me dotted lines like, Sign it here
So my time is here
The flow cold like sittin outside in the winter on a iron chair
Still street, so I always got the iron near
And the goons too, I'm a goon too
F. Crew from the womb to the tomb, duke
Be a star - that I was groomed to
Watch how the boy shine
Red lights and road blocks'll never stop how the boy grind

[ CHORUS: Slaine ]
I tell you nothin moves faster than time
It never stops or slows down at all
All my best friends and enemies, I don't know them at all
No more, no more, no more, no more
I tell you nothin moves faster than time
It never stops or slows down at all
So I guess I should fall back but I ain't got nowhere to fall
No more, no more, no more

[ VERSE 2: DL ]
This is the last rhyme I'm ever settings
Sick of competin with the kids with skinny jeans and jeggins
All of my life I tried to write the creative blessing
But it seems God ain't respondin to my endless textin
It's okay though, I'm a warrior with my daddy's spirit
I spit with the intensity, so my daddy'll hear it
Splittin image and inherited the hustle spirit
( ? ) coins still collectin, ain't quite cleared it
The bank account is WeightWatcher, refuse to get chunky
As a result I don't waste my words to promote my money
I ain't got it, put all my focus into my project
Heart and soul, fuck goin gold, but would like a profit
Take a penny, leave a penny, call it exposition
Hollywood dreamin off my little bitty composition
I write with the Passion of Christ, I'm nice on my Gibson
Trust and believe in myself when no one else didn't

[ CHORUS: Slaine ]

[ VERSE 3: Slaine ]
It's been a lotta years, man I came a long way
I close my eyes and feel those days when the song plays
Been up in the hallway, damn I went the wrong way
I was on a mission, wouldn't listen to what moms say
Fuck it, why would he? In the streets I would ( ? )
Where if you speak to me wrong you would get beat till you're bloody
Now your speakers are bumpy cause when when my sneakers are cruddy
I had this unkillable dream of maybe reachin somebody
My features like my father but with different creatures, I'm ugly
And ( ? ) the dark secrets of the creeps and the druggies
My therapist says I'm reachin for people to love me
But my spirit's full of feelings, so fuck a therapist
And my heir is just coming of age
I remember bein with Dre and Daniel spittin hungry young on the stage
I wrote these lyrics cause I had somethin I wanted to say
I thank the Lord that I'm honored this way