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Artist: S.L.A.B. f/ Dre
Album:  Underground 4 Life Vol. 1
Song:   SLAB Shotz
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah it's that T, you know I'm tal'n bout
In this bitch, for that boy Trae b-day
It's going down, know I'm saying
Happy b-day boy, Pee-Weezy off the heezy
S.L.A.B., Slow Loud in your face
Feel this, it's going down

Wide body fo' do', skating up the block
Got my trunk on knock, when I'm swanging the lot
With a bubble eyed bitch, lighting up your life
Flying pass all yemps, cause hoes'll get shife
I swang and swing, down M-L-King
Drop screens on the scene, so my TV's gleam
I got a bad ass bitch, that's on my team
I got a thoed ass glock, with a big ass beam when I'm

[Lil B]
Sitting sideways, with a three piece suiter
Got a thoed broad, but my bitch cuter
Screens gon fall, digitell computer
24 karat cut, ice might cool ya
When I school ya ooh ya, better stay on your toes
Iced out Movado, might keep your eyes froze
Glassy ass 4's, and I'm in playa mode
Pass it to the Trae, so he can unload

Me and Re pulling up, steady fucking em up
Chopping em up on the cut, still sliding on buck

[Lil B]
With a hundred dollar cup, yelling out bitch what
You wanna do on the cool, cause we be acting a fool

With the blue over grey boys, (we don't play boys)
Straight off top, and we'll bust AK boy

[Lil B]
Make noise, whenver we be crawling the block
(you know the shit don't stop, till the cash get dropped)

We Southside to body rock, the bumper unlock
Two thee off the lot, so the bops gon jock
And the niggaz wanna block, when I'm balling in the mix
With BJ and Shay, throwing up the South Klique

[Lil B]
South Klique is what we claim, and niggaz you know the name
We swang and bang, with diamonds all in our chain
From Antione to South Main, we bringing the pain
Slabbed out for life, and leaving stains on brains

You leaving stains on brains, I'm leaving stains on wax
Breaking they back in a Lac, with the trunk on crack
The fifth wheel on lean, yellow bops on ping
With a sag in my jeans, living the thug life dream

[Lil B]
As a ghetto superstar, white cup full of bar
Dropping the top in the wind, so you know who we are
You can't see, it's the Trae and Lil B
(playa made for life, till we D-I-E)

S.L.A.B., time to drop tops
Swanging off the lots, while you hoes be bopping
S.L.A.B., when your trunk knock
Beating down your block, while niggaz body rocking

It's that boy Jay, pulling up thoed in a Hum-Vae
(shit) all the boppers say, he got a different ride everyday
(damn) on top of that, 18's beating with my trunk cracked
(man) I'ma wreck the track, while O and E smoking on a black
(S.L.A.B.) Slow Loud And Bangin, see us in the hood orangatanging
(please) why you hoes be capping, you ain't got no ass and your titties sagging
(bitch) get out my face, 'fore Jay fuck around and catch a case
(bling) my ice so bright, you look like your face been sprayed with mace

I pull up to the club, in some'ing that's stretched
32 inches around, my neck
Guerilla Maab, all in my deck
Dougie D and Trae, just wrecked
A skeet taste, on 3D-2
Slowed down and chopped, by DJ Screw
Me missing you, still riding blue
Leather seats, with choppers too
I'm 18, and I;m versatile
Ice white gold, when I crack a smile
Back that ass up, like Juvenile
Been freestyling, for a little while
When I cross your ride, I commit a foul
They'll tell you, I ball
Catching boppers, coming out the mall
Dead End, wrecked the Seawall
Little Dre, I forever ball

[Dougie D]
Ain't nothing, but the motherfucking slab I'm in
Pull em right up off of the lot, up in a big boy Benz
Blue lens and setting trends, making boppers grin
Coming down the boulevard, drop the top and down low sixing
They don't wanna try to fade us, cause we just so throwed
Slow Loud And Bangin baby, that's the way we roll
Put it in the deck heads checking, the boppers stay wet
Cause a natural effect, whenever I step on the set
I be known to get fly, when I drop my top
Step out body rocking, because the shit don't stop
Can't quit won't move, cause I'm a cold ass dude
Put it all up in they face, cause that's just the way I do
Hold up you ain't knew, the way that we come through
Chilling with thug G's, sip and bang Screw
Yup love it mayn, oh baby yes we do
Shit ain't gon stop, until we say to