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Artist: S.L.A.B. f/ AB
Album:  Underground 4 Life Vol. 1
Song:   Movin Slow
Typed by: Lil Hustle

What's up 3rd Coast, this that boy Southside
Putting it down, with them S.L.A.B. soldiers
AB, Lil B, Jay'Ton what it do

[Hook - 2x]
Moving slow up the block, bitches gon bop
We Slow Loud And Bangin, and we can't be stopped
Sideways in a drop, niggaz gon knock
We Slow Loud And Bangin, and we can't be stopped

My buzz humble, bitches so thoed
Lisa, Michelle, Kiesha, Rochelle
Freak hoes hair poles, off the chain on the down low
Lee-Lee or Lea, oh my they so fly

From the Southwest to the Dead End, we hopping out and we looking thoed
Platinum FUBU to Kenan Cole, looking at my ears might get you cold
We trend setters on a thoed letter, with paint wetter than the rainy weather
But I'm still gon shine like sunny weather, see me and my click gon stay together
Put your guards up everytime we plex, better take your time I'm quick to snap necks
Got a nigga named Keen that like to pack techs, got a hoe named Tina that like to have sex
Got a big ass right that like to swell jaws, trunk fly fifth fall
Run a nigga head right through the wall, with fo' 18's beating up the law
Ain't shit changed we still bang, off the chain when I'm in the turning lane
With a long ass ice still piece and chain, like a tight bald fade we against the grain
Like my nigga named Moe we wreck the shop, with Rob and Cill sitting in a drop
With Big Toon at the expo, Pee-Wee Reggoe still swanging 4's
Sticking out my 'bows on the boulevard, talking down on us might get you scarred
Fly pass all bops in foreign car, got a nigga named 2 that'll buy the bar
Cause we ball in the mix steady turning heads, still gon be clean blue black or red
With a bad ass bitch trying to give me head, but ain't none of these hoes gon get my bread

I like it, you get ready for this thang
For this thang, get ready for this thang
Get ready for this thang, this thang this thang
I don't think you're ready, for this thang

[Hook - 2x]

Passion instance, sweat beads feel me
Cupid's shot me, my heart beat's racing
Tempt me try me, feels so exciting
Thought of highly, it's yours got me

[Lil B]
I'm not stopping I'm moving, swanging 'bows and I'm grooving
When I crawl the block and drop the top setting up shop, the hoes bop nigga they drew me
I'm pulling these hoes on a paper tolls, or a add by the woods take her to the Mo'
Lil B got slow weed you could blow, twenty yeah on my wrist and it's full of snow
I'm balling out of control with Kenan Cole, so much ice on my body I'm freezing foes
Lil B is who I am I'm crawling slow, with the trunk wide open while the neon glow
I know you boys wanna try to be like me, sideways in a drop with the a.c.
A G is who I be and I just can't stop, crawling with the Lil' Boy watch the boppers bop
Slow it down Screw it cause I'm from H-Town, body rock the block because you know it's going down
Me and Trae pulling up looking clean on the scene, chunking deuces to partnas and knocking hoes off clean
South Klique the team and we don't live by the rules, if a nigga get to plexing we'll pull out a tool
Get rude nigga we ain't taking shit, on a mission for riches still balling in the mix

[Hook - 2x]

Do you wanna, roll with me
We can go to clubs, and dance
Just take into my hand, do you wanna roll with me
We can be like Bonnie and Clyde, be by your side
I'm more than a lover, more than a woman
More than a lover

[Hook - 2x]

We Slow Loud And Bangin, and we can't be stopped - 3x