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Artist: Skyzoo
Album:  Cloud 9: The 3 Day High
Song:   Mirror Mirror
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I figured before we close the curtains for the night we end it off like this

(Chorus 2x)
Mirror mirror hanging on the wizzo
These muthafuckas got no heart at izzo
Copy cating a dude cuz they don't want a fizzo
Flattered by your bitting but get off ma bizzos

(Verse 1)
Yo! am as cocky as they come
In every way possible
Knock me for one
I gladly back it up
Am like rocky on the drums
Built I got a fetish for quiet bitches who get sloppy with the tongue
Get it S.K
Hard flows and cold charms
I train in December speed y'all through snow storms
The game weak I fall asleep in the fast lane
Turning everybody mix tape into ash tray
There's too many that's not worth the time
I would name y'all but why fame y'all
Ma work is fine
Real recognize real
Am New York in the flesh the rest of y'all just talk of death I live it
So why I aint hearing what your man's be yelling
Talkin' an indictment shit you can't even spell it
Dude you aint sellin no gram stop saying you pushing
You a jelo brain
Your heart made of pudding
Stop playing

Real talk there's too many of y'all talking too greasy
So for me y'all making these too easy

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 2)
Fresh out the box like Japanese kicks
3 tone g shit
Enough to get your light bill paid
And fix your jeep with
Star studded event
When S.K and leak shit
Inspiring your bitch to make sky to want to creep with
Homey don't get offended it's a part of how am living
The god is like a star when he park in front of the building
In the drop with your broad
And I'm the favorite topic of your discussion
i'm literally in and out of a job
I get it done
I've been in one for a lil' while
So fuck if you got a 16 with a lot of style
It means nada
S.K lean and not fly
Fresh tape up evisu jeans and pradas
But please don't get it twisted
I got some dudes behind me that they get offended
And they define grimey when they get horrendous 
From the bottom of they feet where they finger tipsys
So act cool

Mayne you stay in your lane and do what you do
My lane is like a buck 50 and better
Catch up haters

(Chorus 2x)

Mirror mirror let me holla atchu
A lot of muthafuckas want to copy the dude
Am flattered and all that 
But I aint really feelin it
And amma change ma tone unless you put and end to it quick

(Chorus 2x)
Wooooo! Yeah Uh 
You you you know my name right 
S.K.Y.Z.O.O (2x)
With Mr. 9th wonderful tunes
Yeah! Cloud 9th shit
The automatic press rewind shit
Twelve joints in three days
Imagine if we had three months yeah!
Yo! 9th ready to tart part two