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Artist: Ski Beatz f/ GLC, Stat Quo
Album:  24 Hour Karate School Pt.2
Song:   You Already Know
Typed by: Gustavo (Hoes For Me)

[Verse One: Stat Quo]
Huh, huh,
Mind right money straight, tell me why you hate a nigga? (yeah)
Bitches love me wanna fuck me, I don't give 'em figures (yeah)
How you figure sister go and get another nigga
Other niggaz 'll break bread, I can't do nothing' wit cha (YEAH)
But forget ya pass ya to my nigga let him hit ya
Peyton Manning Roger Clemens I'm a hell of a pitcher (you see it)
I'm talking motion picture, yeah the movies bitch
You got ya ass done, now go and get ya titties fix (whooooo)
I be fuckin' pluckin' duckin' pluggin' chicks
I tell 'em kick my ass(kiss my ass) then I give 'em shit (you know)
Why you love 'em dawg, what for?
After the money gone the bitch is out the front door
They got them binocular, watchin' as you comin' up
See you get that paper partner that's when they start runnin' up
Talkin' bout they the one to trust
Bust nuts on that bitch, make her drink it up 
Worst thing you can do - if you get a clue
Why you out here fuckin' cuffin' hoes

[Chorus: Stat Quo]
I got bitches who got bitches, hoes that like hoes (yeah)
You already know (oh)
I got drops and tee tops - kush in condos (yeah)
Shit you already know
All I got is dick, and bubble gum for these hoes (yeah)
Dick, and bubble gum for these hoes (YEAH - oh)
All I got is dick, and bubble gum for these hoes (let's go)
Dick and bubble gum for you hoes (who)

[Verse Two: GLC]
What the fuck you think this is, hoe what is you talkin' bout?
Break a bitch down like a leg in a cast, That's what I was taught in-out
Gimme head, get a lil' head, gave her some dick, she gave me some bread
Hoe he pimp fist not last, wear them leggish look at that ass
Wait 'til you see a nasty freak, bitch trying to get all next to me
Took me back to her hotel room and then she start molesting me
Sucking my dick professionally, talkin' bout this her destiny
Silence the pussy silence the pussy 
No pillow talking, don't question me (shut up hoe)
Vaporize her vaporize her
I'm Chi her yesterday, hypnotize her, can't deny me
Watch me pimp her successfully
Slide up in a hard drop top, watch me take her breath away
Trying to ask me for some of my wealth
It's like you talking to yourself like castaway
Asking me for paper, saying you gonna pay it back (back)
Gave me some head, thinking' I forgat (chuurch)
Church on the move bitch I'm the tabernac
Bitch I'm a player from the Chi hoe I ain't having that (chuurch)