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Artist: Ski Mask The Slump God
Album:  Laffy Taffy (S)
Song:   Laffy Taffy (Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Suck on my dick
When she suck on my dick
Sound like pop from the top of a snapple
Your swag be tacky
Your knee caps be ashy
Some lotion is what you should tackle
Try comb your hair sound like bite from an apple
While I be fly like Pterodactyl
I'm in this bitch
And I'm all in her buns like I started off as a damn cattle
Pussy what I love to battle, dick long like needle in Seattle
Top row elbow
How I hit the pussy, rko wait and a choke hold
Backwards redrum
Cause' my diamonds throwing temper tantrum
Tell your mother that my names Chris I'll tuck her

It'll be rude if you don't show that pussy to the crew [x4]

If I say I get it, then I get it
If I say I'm with it, then I'm with it
Bitch I'm in the old screamin' free XXXX
If a nigga said it then I meant it
When I run it up I need a minute
Minivan jigglypuff linen
Rack up on me like I play some tennis and I popped a xanny, popped a xanny
Feel me like a chemist

Okay like
At the top, sticking to it
Like a tater-tot
Whip cleared the block
Like I put wheels on the Glock (Hot Wheels!)
Captain spark
(Captain Spark)
That's how she move the crotch (Move!)
Water Bayou
Like a Bayou
Bezels on my watch

It'll be rude if you don't show that pussy to the crew [x4]