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Artist: Ski Mask The Slump God f/ XXXTENTACION
Album:  Iwatchedhimdrown (S)
Song:   Iwatchedhimdrown
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hey me and Ski are in the booth, together
Here's your bitch
Yuh, bitch, bitch
Okay, ugh

[$ki Mask]
Drop, hit it, drop my hoe
And that bitch she says she likes
Hit it, hit her deep throat
Cause' a nigga tryna' Assassin's Creed my flow
Ayee, come get your bitch, she make me sick
All bout' them D's, Double-dutch on my dick
I can't complain she get wet as a sink
Ski Mask, Jeff Gordon I drip with the mink

Please, ride my dick
Crashing shit
Her hands up like I "Ski Masked" the bitch
Bittersweet, tastes like a xannie, shit
Mean mug yo man like a daddy shit
Damage yah', ugh
Package yah', ugh
Ship to your mom let her handle you
Esco act wild like he camping shit
Come for yah blood like he reppin' shit

Grab your fucking face, put that on a curb
Eating gravel, mineral, not a nerd
Dark and bloody, me I don't know
Reassuring someone's blood on my shirt
White keys, white folks newscast
Screaming nigga you fuck
Watch how quick my mother fuckin' pull the script
Jumped out clips now watch his body fucking dip
Slit my wrist for a release on that DatPiff
Body to bottom, we dirty dance, throw a fit
Smash my face into the glass, I'm pissed
Wash my corpse into the bottom of my sink
All my pain and my neglect
I reaped, what I've sown
I need my throat slit quick, come