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Artist: Ski Mask The Slump God
Album:  CallMeRonaldReagan (S)
Song:   CallMeRonaldReagan
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Mega supersonic blast them
On this bitch I had to do it to them
I ain't really wanna do it
Susie choosy on that cootchie
This that stack that paper
Suck me now and later like a now and later
Very fucking rare
I'm smoking Presidential
Call me Ronald Reagan

On that bitch had to go get them
Yes I had Molly with me
A bitch in the back of the Bentley
Here the double cup stack to the ceiling
Don-da-don-da call me cinderella[?]
[?] make a foreign ho
Had to turn the crib in to a trap
But this ain't the movie 'Home Alone'


The sky is falling
Bitch my crib is falling
Cause I'm in the kitchen whipping chicken littles
Either that or drinking blood from cattle
I'm a soul eater, eating bone marrow
Bet I catch the bitch and flip her like a switch
I bet I bone a bitch just like a fossil
Holy hollows and the start of [?]
Bet I point it at her make a bitch repent
I don't even want her, I don't [?]
Let my dawg spit game like Johnny Test
If a nigga try me I shall grab the blade
And cut his ass until there's nothing left
If you think then don't, then keep your pimpin strong
And don't be scared to fucking break a wrist
Stupid nigga I'ma take a risk
Trip [?]