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Artist: Sister Souljah
Album:  360 Degrees of Power
Song:   Survival Handbook vs. Global Extinction
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"Ladies and gentlemen
 We've come to the end of the Souljah show
 You've been a wonderful crowd and we have enjoyed every bit of it 
 Before we close, we would like y'all to join in the grand finale"

"I feel real good this evening..
 And I'd like to say I feel good for one reason
 We are all here together, for peace, for unity
 To support our black people in their struggle
 You're beautiful"

"Black people need to deploy that sudden thinking
 we are dependent to consumption-" ("You're beautiful")

[Sister Souljah]
Always encourage a brother or sister to do what's right
Turn all of your talents and skills into a black business
which helps to build the African community
Do not depend on shay whitey for ANYTHING
If you have ten friends, there should be at least 
five different businesses that you can put together
Based on each others' talents and know-how
If you don't have any money, give up some of your bad habits
And you will be able to save that money to start a small black business
Always remember to use your common sense
Thirty children in a classroom can overpower 
one racist white teacher or ignorant black teacher in a classroom!
Five hundred unified tenants in a building 
are more powerful than one landlord!
Five thousand unified inmates in a jail or prison 
are more powerful than one hundred correcions officers
One hundred unified workers are more powerful than two bosses
Five hundred million united Africans are more powerful
than white supremacy, racism, AND the entire American government

      Eeny meeny, miny moe
      Catch a Black CIA agent by the mother(AHH!!)in toe
       If he hollers, don't let him go
       Grab a knife and cut his goddamn throat!!

Yes I do believe that white people and the American government
wants to destroy black African people, wherever they are in the world
I'm positive that black African people have the power to win, survive, and prosper
But we must put our MIND in proper order before we can do anything
If you don't feel good about yourself 
you will most definitely be a WEAK soldier
with poor self-esteem and you will be useless
You must know the richness of your deep beautiful black skin, makes you original
As well as God's most BEAUTIFUL creation made in the image of himself

       A fight, a fight, a nigga and a white
       If the nigga don't win, we all jump in!

Every black brother and sister must be a soldier in the African Liberation Army
Why, if you're not preparing your mind, and developing your skills
or at least teaching the children
You are a TRAITOR to the black race, and a waste of time!
You should be arrested by the black stormtroopers 
for the insured future of African people
For aiding and abetting they enemy and the destruction of self
You must study science and technology 
as well as the development of systems
Save your people from drought, unpure water and foods
military domination, and germ warfare
Find out how to put things together, how to take things apart
and how to master their computers
We must not worship personalities or people 
Simply because they're on television
PLEASE, do not WORSHIP Sister Souljah
PLEASE, do not WORSHIP Minister Farrakkahn
Do not worship ANY man or woman
EXAMINE, study and analyze their ideas
Take what is good and useful and prove your belief
In the IDEAS or the values through your OWN deeds, behavior, conduct and actions