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Artist: Sister Souljah f/ Chuck D
Album:  360 Degrees of Power
Song:   State of Accommodation: Why Aren't You Angry?
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{Police sirens and chattering as police talks}

Step out of the car, put your hands where I can see 'em
Turn around, keep your hands up high
Back up towards me {*gunshots*}

[Intro: Sister Souljah]
Black people, African people, exists in a state of accommodation
What this simply means is that we've gotten accustomed to
getting our butts kicked, for so long 
that we think that it's normal to LIVE in pain 
and in some strange way, we've even started to like it

[Chuck D]
The best things in life are free or God-given 
How ya livin? I'm mad that you ain't givin 
a damn about yourself or situations
Affecting all of the pack and what you lack is this
Suppose we, take our time to see that the picture ain't rosy
The worse way to live and learn 
When it comes to that, I step back and I burn

[Sister Souljah]
Back up off me! You ain't killing me softly
You murdered my child, you better smell the coffee
You think you'd get away with it, you played me like a sucker
So what he's got a badge, I'll shoot that motherfucker!
Ain't no fear in my heart of you 
You're whiter than white, I got to do what I got to do
It's a shame, who's to blame? COP'S his name
A mother's pain is MY pain

("Hey fellas...") Why aren't you angry?! 
("Hey fellas...") Why aren't you angry?!
("Hey fellas...") Why aren't you angry?!
("You guys know who I'm talkin to")

(Well, you know, my name is Bob Moderan
 and, I don't think really think cops are, y'know
 too hard on us black guys)

[Chuck D]
And what I'm seeing is a confrontation of trouble
Brothers gettin popped like bubbles
Maybe I'm apocalyptic, I'm lookin for answers
but some lazy laid-back did it
Leaves us confused, 85% don't know they've been used
And got the nerve to be talkin 'bout East vs. West
What the hell is all this mess?!

[Sister Souljah]
They take it to court, they fight and they fuss this
The cops go free and they call that justice
Don't be surprised 'cause you ain't dumb
The Indians said white man speaks with forked tongue
They can't find a gun, they can't find a knife
You're black in this world, you LOSE your life
Now tell me what you're gonna do, HUH!!
...Yeah, I would too!