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Artist: Sister Souljah
Album:  360 Degress of Power
Song:   Nigga's Gotta
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("'Stead of being a nigger in Carolina, rather be a free man in hell haha!")
{Epitome of Scratch cuts and scratches "NIGGAS!" and "Are your ready for this?}
{"What do you mean by that?"}
[Sister Souljah]
NIGGAAAAAAS keep dying 
Mothers keep crying
I ask why,  why we don't OPEN our eyes
and NIGGAS keep KILLING, illin' and thrilling
No time, but niggas STILL chillin'
Niggas still drinking, boozing and stinking
St. Ides BIG banking and niggas not thinking
Nigga still smoking, gagging and chokin
Counting pennies and broke and STILL niggas joking!
("Yo, tell it like it is! Tell it like it is!")
  ("Aiyyo, FUCK THAT BITCH!! Man, I ain't tryna hear that Souljah shit!")
("Kill that noise, yo! Sit down, boy!")
  ("Aiyyo, where the fuck that bitch in the city, nigga?! Bitch ain't doin shit for us!")
("You ain't doing nothing for the community!")
{*both starts fighting each other*}
{"What do you mean by that?"}
[Sister Souljah]
Niggas still FUCKING, humping and sucking
Family gone broken, father out buggin
Ask a nigga something, he replies nothing!!
Grabs his balls and keeps walking
Niggas grow border, wild with no order
Time grows shorter, father RAPED the daughter
("Daddy, daddy! I-I finished my homework. Can I watch TV?")
  ("No you can't watch no TV, c'mon and sit next to 
    daddy so you can play that game you played last week")
("Is that the same game with the thing that squirts?")
   ("You got it, don't tell ya mom about Daniel!")
("Daddy, I don't wanna play that game! That game hurts!)
   ("Ohh! It's so good.. C'mon, I said let's play this game")
   ("C'mon now")
[Sister Souljah]
Father up and left her, she thought he should've kept her
Reverend should've blessed her, but instead he tripped and slept her
("OH! C'mon, man..") Niggas sink deeper
{Epitome of Scratch cuts and scratches}
[Sister Souljah]
Niggas still sittin, eating and shittin!
Roots cut off, forgotten and forgetting
Wanting for plenty, ain't got any 
Needing for many and wonder when we gonna GET UP! 
Get serious! Niggas got to do better...
Niggas too lazy, con-FUSED and CRAZY
Having more babies, no ANSWERS for the maybes
Gave up too EASY, minds too WEAK see
Niggas gotta do better!