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Artist: Sister Souljah
Album:  360 Degress of Power
Song:   The Final Solution: Slavery's Back in Effect
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[Sister Souljah]
If your white great-great grandfather
KILLED my great-great grandfather
And your white great grandfather
SOLD my great grandfather
And your white grandfather
RAPED my grandmother
And your father stole, cheated, lied and ROBBED my father
What kind of fool would I have to be to say, 
"Come, my friend!" to the white daughter and son?
[The President]
"Good evening America. This is your President. 
Please listen carefully to the announcement I'm about to make. 
After careful consideration and research, Vice President Duke, 
Congress, and myself have concluded that black people
have not advanced technologically. Their educational
testing scores are on a rapid decline. The vast majority of
them are on welfare and producing babies at a faster rate
than they can support them. We will not carry them anymore. 
We are left with no choice but to put slavery back
into effect. All blacks will report to the designated camps in
their area to receieve further orders. The only blacks
excused will be those serving in the United Staes military and
the Police. Any blacks who do not cooperate will be
terminated immediately. I repeat, slavery is back in effect"
[Sister Souljah]
WE ARE AT WAR!!! That's what I told ya!
I know you heard what the President said
And if the nigga don't move, {*gunshots*} then he's dead
It's time for us to take a stand
Woman to woman and man to man
Blood rushes through your veins you feel the fear
Who would've thought that it could happen here
Int he land of the free, home of the brave
THe year is '95, you're a slave!
Some go in shock when they first hear the news
Press play and then rewind and review
But the message is CLEAR and it cuts like a knife
You don't surrender they'll take your life
And I remember, the movies my momma used to show me
({*whip cracks*} "What's ya name?!" "...Tobey")
Remember the times when they bought and they sold ya
WE ARE AT WAR!!!!! That's what I told ya!
Slavery's back in effect, slavery's back in effect
(That's what I told ya!)
Slavery's back in effect, slavery's back in effect 
("Re-FUSE to LOSE" <- Chuck D) (That's what I told ya!)
Slavery's back in effect, slavery's back in effect
(That's what I told ya!)
Slavery's back in effect, slavery's back in effect 
("Re-FUSE to LOSE" <- Chuck D) (That's what I told ya!)
[Sample from "Predator 2"]
"We're in a war zone, Dave 
Two motorcycle officers horribly wounded in a deadly crossfire
The police seemingly unable to rescue them in spite of 
several desperate, heroic attempts
It's completely out of control..."
[Sister Souljah]
Brothers go get guns and pack up on ammunition
Now that they see that it's a critical condition
Racism was here but they didn't take it seriously
...and then they said that +I+ was crazy
Violence escalating and it's sad to see
So many brothers being killed by the enemy
Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons
Why can't they see we couldn't WIN by the gun?
I TOLD you how to win but now it's too late
The enemy's on the rise and he sealed your fate
BRAIN in the weapon, technology second
The war drum is soundin, the tool is the record
The will and the skill of the black man, exact man
Giving a hand to his brotherman
A word to the wise and I'll tell you once again
Know your enemies from your friends
[Sample from "Predator 2"]
"Who the hell's in charge down here?! 
The cops? Uh-uh! They're outmanned, outgunned, and incompetent! 
Mr. Mayor, on vacation at your home in Lake Tahoe: 
Get off your butt, get down here, and declare MARTIAL LAW!"
[Sister Souljah]
Could you imagine if we had it all together?
We'd have an umbrella for the stormy weather
Our luck has run out, no more four-leaf clover
The Super Mack Daddy Pimp syndrome is over
SEE the war, SMELL the war, HEAR the war
You'd better FEAR the war
They're talking total annihilation, wicked and shrewd
The black man will be harder to find than dinosaur food
You shoulda read the books and understood
That America's no domn good
(The reeducation of the Negro, Sister Souljah!)
...I ain't the hero 
I WARNED ya that it was coming
I gave you the message when the funky drummer was drummin
The end is near for big and small
Mother Africa's final call, because...