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Artist: Sister Souljah
Album:  360 Degrees of Power
Song:   African Scaredy Katz in a One Exit Maze
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Most people won't accept my activism in this album
until after I'm dead!
And the blood's all over the ground
Maybe in a year, or two, or five
Then all the money-making bloodsuckers will come out
with hats, coats, buttons, and posters
And maybe even movies
And people would lie and say, "YEAAAAAH! I was down with her"
"Yeah she was bad, yeah she was fine"
"Yeah, she gave those white people hell, you know"
Well the truth is, this album is from my heart to my people
based on my experiences with America
Furthermore, this album is from one lonely
but powerful black Souljah
[Sister Souljah]
African people, too scared to call themselves African
Too self-hating and jealous of one another to unite
Too fast to fall for the tricks of the white man and his systems
Too scared to call the white man white
Too quick to kill a black man or woman
Too fast to defend a white man ignoring COMPLETELY 
the crimes he has done and still does against humanity
African people, too scared to call themselves African
Too dumb to claim their own land
African people, beat down in Haiti
Beat down in Jamaica, beat down in South Africa
Beat down in Brooklyn, beat down in Los Angeles and London
African people, too scared to call themselves African
Will fight for the United States Army but will not fight for themselves
Will stand up for Uncle Sam, but will not stand up for themselves
Will fall for any damn thing, will boogie into the 21st Century 
without a plan, without a clue, STILL divided
African people, too scared to call themselves African
And too dumb to know the difference if they did
("Soul sisters...")
("...let's have a meeting")
Militarily compared we're like marching ants
Definitely trapped like the hem on my pants
On total destruction they are convinced
Just look at their actions and the turn of events
You gotta, raise the questions, now ask me how 
40 years an enemy, now he's down with Moscow??
How many brothers are actually dead
Defending the rag flag from the threat of the red
He changed his mind now that the dollar's at stake
White brothers at war and it's fake
The lesser of two evils, the WHITE man's the weasel!
Got you thinking he's cock diesel