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Artist: Sicx
Album:  Dead 4 Life
Song:   Back Door
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And in the back door, came the 5-0
Looking for that nigga that's shootin them bitches
In the motherfucking pussy hole strapped
With moss artillery
Fucking up everything in my crib
It's a good thing I hid
All my dope, all my gats, all the evidence
So they never knew that the killer ever stayed at this residence
Crept out the back window
Thinking about what I'ma do cause if they catch me I'm through, yo
Called up some better
Yo, folks need a place to post up
They got me on the run, too close for most
Hung up the phone and I'm ghost
I'm pulling out this motherfucker never catch a nigga
Slipping, yo, right on time and not a moment too soon
Round the corner here comes that 5-0 and let my trigger go
BOOM, bustin everything in sight
Cause there'll be one less motherfucking cop tonight
And I'll be damned if I ever catch a cap
Cause ain't no future if you front when you're fucking with a mac
BLAM, and there she flows
How many cops died? no one knows
Sitting in my crib like the night before
Forty ounce in my lap and I'm good to go
But in that back door came the 5-0
Looking for that nigga shooting them bitches in the motherfucking pussy hole
A nigga will shoot, killing them cops
The trigger went off, never will stop
They figure they'll justify the shots when the killer straight dropped
But i'ma tell you like this nigga roll
Before you go out your front, watch your back door
And you don't stop...