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Artist: Shyheim f/ Lady Venom
Album:  Disrespectfully Speaking
Song:   Flowers in a Vase
Typed by: Cno Evil

Cherish the love you give me, I'mma take it to my grave
I'mma spit it to the snare and the bass, you a flower in a vase
I'm a shot, gun bullet in the gauge
It's forever shit, we gon' have better shit
More chips, bigger ships, faster jets
Believe in the S, I'm gangsta, niggas can't treat me
Like nothing less, and you my girl
So that makes you miss gangstress, yes
She said B.U. nigga, I said B.U. bitch
I became her Biggie, she became by Kim
Pretty Nicky, come and get me in the silver 750
Her daddy got a pretty penny, all she were is Fendi
All I do is smoke bud, pump drugs, drink Henny
Her boogie ass friends don't like the fact that with me
They scared for her life, cuz she might get shot with me
But they stare at her ice, cuz she shop at Tiffany's wit me

[Chorus 4X: Lady Venom (Shyheim)]
I said B.U., nigga, (I said B.U., bitch)
He became my Biggie (she became my Kim)

[Lady Venom]
From my beginning to the end of the world, who that bitch?
What they say when they see me, on your honor shit
All my girls like 'he ain't right, he living the life'
I'm like damn, that's what I like, a dog that bite
A real G at heart, perfect for me
So I can be myself, sorta like Mickey and Mallory
A bond tighter than weave, a connection that's real
Cuz he love how we ride, and I pop the steel
And he got the word in his hands, a Goddess on the side
All his ex's like damn, that was me at one time
And now, they all got hate in they eyes
But it's only right, we make B.U. fly, higher than kites
And there, a rose can grow from concrete
They was talking bout the pops, that's the best drop in the seed
It's nothing better for a king than a queen
So why that it seem that we make a good team, for real

[Chorus 4X]

I got more studio time, than personal time
But don't a minute go by, you not on my mind
Waiting so long and patient for this moment to arrive
It's my dream, but you help keep it alive
So it's not only mines, right? Am I correct
Correct me if I'm wrong, you done it before
I just wanna make songs to express my thoughts
Got some stress on my chest, that I need to get off
I ain't chasing no pussy, I know how to beat off
I don't be lying when I tell you that this dick is yours
I know you here for the cause, not here just because
That's why what's mine is yours, and yours is yours
When I break our plans, you get so disappointed
But I make it up to you, cuz you really that important
Roses, candy, and jewelry
Blockbuster movies, all week, you wit me

[Chorus 8X]