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Artist: Shyheim f/ Castro
Album:  Disrespectfully Speaking
Song:   Dust Juice
Typed by: Cno Evil

['Gangs of New York' sample]
By the ancient laws of combat
I accept the challenge of the so called, natives
You plague our people at every torrent
But from this day out, you shall plague us no more
For let it be known, that the hand that tries to strike us from this land
Shall be swiftly cut down

The Dust Juice, medical term, embalming fluid
In my neighborhood, Stapleton, we grew up doing it
If you take one pull of it, slow motion, slow motion, you will be moving in it
You'll be so wet, your mind opens space
I know alotta niggas, who love the spearmint taste
I knew you was blowing, cuz you had the stuck face
Get him some milk, I heard somebody say
That the Dust Juice, be having niggas going crazy
Knew a dude named Woosh, jumped in the ocean with his baby
The Dust Juice, I can get you a bundle for eighty
Even the white girls smoke it, I got bopped with Katie
The Dust Juice, has many different names
The Dust Juice, is also called Purple Rain
The Dust Juice, the Red Devil, Crazy Eddie
Stick to your B-Boy, you really not ready
For the Dust Juice, gotta keep it in the freezer
So dusted, can't feel your toes or your fingers
Floating on air, floating on air
Einstein smoked and came up with ideas
If you could fly, why walk up the stairs?
The Dust Juice, made him think he Superman

[Chorus 4X: Shyheim]
The Dust Juice
The Dust Juice (who got the juice now, man?)

They call me diamond fluid, the type of shit that makes your head evil
The type of drug they inject inside dead people
Dark water, call me ism, some call me dust
Put me in a cigarette, you'll get a quicker rush
Head spinning, you'll feel invincible and hella strong
If you O.D., your mind can be forever gone
Can't sleep, paranoid for your bones
What a scary tale, I'm talking dust, not a fairy's trail
Dark liquid, type of shit that preserve bodies
Shit stink, murder ink, I'm not Irv Gotti
Take a pull, I've been out since Paid in Full
Raging Bull, that's how you feel when you smoke a sticky
Don't exist, you see the demons where the ghostses live
Read juice, you can't hang, don't smoke the shit
You can't hang, don't smoke the shit
You can't hang, don't smoke the shit

[Chorus 4X]